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tv   Today  NBC  May 29, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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back at 7:25 with a local live news update. have a great day. good morning. ready to deal? fugitive nsa whistle-blower edward snowden tells nbc news he'd like to return to the u.s. >> if i'd like to go anywhere in the world, that place would be home. >> but would the white house ever consider a deal? anger on the hill. >> i understand that, mr. chairman, and i will look -- >> that's what you said three months ago. >> emotions boil over in a heated late-night hearing on the growing v.a. scandal after a new report reveals the problems were much worse than first realized. and more and more lawmakers now calling for secretary shinseki to resign. hell on earth. the parents of uc santa barbara
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killer describes their lives since that tragedy in a new statement. as a close family friend opens up innen in an interview about his experience with elliot rodger. and red carpet attack. a man jumps the barrier and strikes brad pitt in the face. the star and angelina in shock. the suspect is in custody. this is thursday, may 29th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. savannah is on assignment. we welcome in tamron hall. the guy who hit brat pitt in the face. >> recently, america ferrera went after will smith, people wondering how he's able to do it
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again and again. >> we'll have much more on that story coming up in just a little while. let's get to the top story, once again it's the nbc news exclusive interview with nsa leaker edward snowden. this morning, reaction is pouring in from the white house to main street. andrea mitchell is here. good morning. >> good morning, after a year on the run, the man behind the largest terrorist threat is now and we get to see the eyes and hear the voice of edward snowden delivering a message that's confident and unapologetic. >> reporter: until now, it was mostly theoretic for edward snowden but made it very real. >> people like nsa analysts can watch people's movements, watch them draft correspondence, and actually watch their thoughts as they type. >> reporter: the law says
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targeting individuals for surveillance requires a secret court order. in practice, snowden claims that doesn't work. >> the problem is, that the capabilities themselves are unregulated, uncontrolled and dangerous. >> i want to ask you about this device. what can the nsa do with this device, if they wanted to get into my life? >> they can turn it into a microphone. they can take pictures from it. they can take the data off of it. that's pretty scary. >> reporter: it was 9/11, the event that forever changed government surveillance that snowden said also changed him. >> i remember hearing on the radio, and i remember thinking my grandfather who worked for the fbi at the time was in the pentagon when the plane hit it. >> reporter: he enlisted in the army special forces washed out. during the cia, became an nsa contractor, became disillusioned over the false case of wmds in
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iraq. >> a lot of people would say you badly damaged your country? >> if after a year, they can't show a single individual who's been harmed in any way by this reporting is it really owe grave? >> when the president and others have made the point that you should have gone through channels? >> i actually did go through channels. and that is documented. the nsa has records. they have copies of e-mails right now to their office of general council, to their oversight and compliance folks, from me, raising concerns about the nsa's interpretations of its legal authority. >> reporter: nbc news has confirmed snowden did send at least one e-mail to nsa lawyers raising policy and legal questions but officials say he wasn't sounding alarm. >> the response, more or less in bureaucratic language was, you should stop asking questions. >> reporter: and what about suggestions snowden is now spying for russia.
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he denied it, saying he didn't even bring any documents into the country. >> have you met putin? have you spoken with putin? >> i've never met the russian president. i'm not supported by the russian government. i'm not taking money from the russian government. i'm not a spy which is the real question. >> what do you miss about home? >> i miss my family. i miss my home. i miss my colleagues. i miss the work. >> so what's next for edward snowden? he's clearly signaling a desire to come home but law enforcement sources tell nbc news that talks of a plea deal has not yet begun. and government officials argue despite his claims he has damaged national security including military secrets. without question he has sparked the national debate he wanted over the balancing act between privacy and security. mat? >> andrea, thank you very much. let's bring in chuck todd nbc's top correspondent and political
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director. good morning, chuck, how are you? >> good morning. >> he said he wants to come home. he misses his family. he said he'd be willing to reveal to the federal government how he did what he did. you heard the secretary of state say he wants to come home, they'll send a plane for him today, but he'll stand trial. do you see any chance that the white house would be willing to cut a deal with edward snowden? >> well, actually, yes, there is talk of that but here's what it is. clemency is out of the question for somehow that he would plead guilty but never serve time. but what the demands of the administration are, matt, that he comes here, comes back to the united states first. plead guilty to what he did and then he will start the negotiation. well some supporters may say what kind of negotiation is that if they want me to come over first and then plead guilty but the fact is they're letting that out, matt. this is a case where public opinion matters a little bit in this situation. the white house and the obama
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administration are open to it, depending how serious snowden is about doing some time and pleading guilty to some of what he did. >> you talk about public opinion. he talks about the fact that he tried to go through proper channels. he sent e-mails to the general council of the nsa. and the compliance office. we've confirmed at nbc news the existence of at least one of those e-mails. if there are more, does that change public opinion, in your mind? >> well, look, i say just his presence on television could end up changing public opinion a little bit, putting a person behind these allegations. a person behind these disclosures. but as far as what you're talking about here, what i find interesting is we've been trying to report this, how much communication did he have with the government, did he try to whistle-blow. internally, we hear about the one e-mail. however there are no guarantees, well, maybe there are other avenues he went through we just haven't found them yet.
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>> chuck, thank you very much. on social media, it's compelling as nbc's kevin tibbles writes, who had a chance to watch it what is the reaction like there in maryland? >> we went to a local watering hole. the trolley stopped ellicott just outside of baltimore. that conversation was taking place inside that bar, presumably as it was right across the country in living rooms. at times, during the conversation with edward snowden, because it was the first time people were seeing and hearing him, albeit not in his home environment, but instead, in russia. the conversation made people hushed. and during the breaks, the conversation got very bubbly. >> i think what he did could be viewed as patriotic. i think it also is in direct violation of the espionage act. >> it seems like from the information he shared his evening that he's taking
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precautions and steps to ensure that no one's harmed in the process of him revealing information that ultimately he hopes will protect all of us as a u.s. citizen. >> in his own testimony, in his own words, he said that nsa doesn't even know who takes things and so forth. so he could have easily leaked this. just the government listen to yourself conversations and gone on about his business. but he went way past that point. >> you know, he mentioned something about someone dealing with a twirly mustache. he didn't seem that way from that interview. i will agree it seemed calculated. i didn't know what i could believe and what i didn't believe. >> now, there's been so discussion, was edward snowden a traitor or a patriot? i listened to that and it comes somewhere in the middle. many of people wrestling with this gray area of whether or not
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he's done a public service or harmed the country. back to you. >> cameron will have more in the orange room. and it seems like there's more on that. the scandal surrounding treatment delays at veterans affairs facilities is now heating up this morning, this after an emotional hearing on capitol hill last night. and a new report that found at least 1700 veterans in need of care were never even placed on a wait-list. nbc's capitol correspondent kelly o'donnell has more. >> that set the emotional backdrop from a house hearing from the panel in charge of overseeing the v.a. it went into almost midnight as they are looking for answers. >> reporter: in an unusual nighttime hearing wednesday, officials from veterans affairs
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were hauled before congress, and the mood was angry. >> ma'am, veterans died. get us the answers, please. >> i understand that, mr. chairman. and i will look -- >> that's what you said three months ago. >> reporter: frustration boiled over. >> you are not being forth right in your testimony. >> hiding the truth is absolutely unforgivable. >> where in the world is the urgency? >> reporter: feeling the heat, v.a. staffers pushed back. >> i'm a staff-level federal employee, i do the best job i can. >> i'm going to stay in my position and fight for veterans. >> reporter: lawmakers, complained the v.a. has failed to provide documents and answers. >> why didn't you tell us? >> reporter: one official claims the destruction of papers in phoenix was done for patient privacy, not to conceal longer waiting time. >> i did not think they were secret lists. i think they could easily have
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been misunderstood as being secret lists. >> reporter: in a damaging new report, the inspector general says inappropriate scheduling practices are systemic. and 42 v.a. facilities nationally are under investigation. in phoenix, while officials reported an average new patient wait time of just 24 days, the i.g. review says the wait was far longer, on average, 115 days. results that turned up the political pressure around secretary shinseki. >> what should happen at the top? >> the secretary has the ability to change the system. >> secretary shinseki called the findings in this i.g. report reprehensible. and he's ordered reports of those patients waiting. it deals with not only republicans but five senate democrats who are up for re-election this fall have also called for the secretary to step
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down. matt. >> kelly o'donnell on capitol hill this morning. thank you very much. meanwhile, natalie with breaks news for the search for malaysia air flight 370. >> sadly, it's more disappointing news for the families, the people on board that missing flight that disappeared nearly three months ago. nbc's tom costello is in washington with the latest. tom, good morning. >> hi, natalie. australian search coordinators have announced that they finished searching the original zone where they thought they detected pings that might have come from the underwater boxes. and they concluded that the saer not the final resting place for malaysia flight 370. teams used the u.s. navy's bluefin 21 unmanned submarine to search 337 miles of ocean floor. that was the original area that they thought they heard the acoustic signals. search teams scoured the ocean using planes and ships but this morning, the australian ministry
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announced that search is concluded. >> as a result, the joint agency coordinating center can advise that no signs of the aircraft debris have been found with the autonomous underwater vehicle since it's joined the search effort. >> the search will be suspended for several months while they prepare for the next stage of the effort. after the ocean floor is thoroughly mapped a private company will be brought in to use more sophisticated subs to dive even deeper searching for debris. the expanded search zone will now include 32,000 square miles and that could take up to a year once it starts. natalie. >> tom, thank you. a touching tribute wednesday night to those killed or injured in the murder rampage in california. some 2,000 uc santa barbara units used a paddle out on the beach using surfboards and rafts. students ventured into the pacific ocean for a memorial and
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formed a circle in the water. coming up later on "today," we're going to hear from the parents of the alleged shooter from a family friend. and the radio personality casey casem. his daughter carrie from a previous marriage has been given authority to determine whether her father was receiving adequate care. if jean fails to appear in court tomorrow she could be arrested. and an unidentified man is hiding cash-filled envelopes and then using twitter to lead choose. it has treasure-seekers climbing bushes, running down streets in los angeles. they're all in envelopes stuffed with cold hard cash. the man says he wants to give
7:16 am
back after making millions himself. and he said this is just the beginning. the frenzy begins here in new york fairly soon we're told. >> i can see people running around the fire hydrant saying don't touch the fire hydrant. not in new york city. >> anything with cash, people will be all over it. >> i'm not a radar expert, but it does not look good what i'm seeing in the new orleans area. >> you are correct, sir. let's show you what we got going on. you can see on the radar, we have got some heavy thunderstorms. it's this pesky underlevel low that we've been talking about. if as we watch that, we look at heavy showers and thunderstorms starting to make their way again. louisiana, into mississippi, alabama, some areas in louisiana, so much rain, 8 to 9 inches of rain in about 12 hours. caskets were actually floating out of their graves. people had to put sandbags down on them to keep them from
7:17 am
floating away. more heavy rain right through the afternoon hours. and as you can see, that low pressure just meandering through the texas area. it starts to retro weaken and we are going to see heavy showers and rain. look at the rainfall, on top of what's already falling we're looking at another 3 to 5 inches ups is a global company, but most of our employees live in the same communities that we serve. people here know that our operations have an impact locally. we're using more natural gas vehicles than ever before. the trucks are reliable, that's good for business. but they also reduce emissions, and that's good for everyone. it makes me feel very good about the future of our company. ♪ nbc bay area mike are
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climate weather forecast is brought to you by yakult probiotic drink. i'm meteorologist christina loren. look at this stellar start over the golden gate bridge. temperatures in the 50s and couple 40s out there in the colder spot and north bay at 53 degrees and we're starting out at 56 degrees here in the south bay and on our way to the mid-80s and then our temperatures drop like a rock tomorrow. your seven-day forecast in moments. al? weather. >> all right, al, thank you very much. well, the first lady has made kids and heating healthy a priority during her time in the white house. and this morning, she is lashed out at critics in a "the new york times" opinion piece. nbc's kristen welker is at the white house. good morning. >> tamron, good morning. in her op-ed, the first lady has accused members of congress to, quote, undo fighting childhood obesity. it's from the first lady and it comes as we get an exclusive
7:19 am
first look at her latest "let's move!" video. >> mrs. obama, i know how important it is for everybody to eat right. >> reporter: the first lady enlisting the seattle seahawks in her promote motion of healthy eating. >> richard take us through it. >> reporter: it comes in a "the new york times" op-ed out this morning where she intensifies her recent attacks against the republican-led house of representatives for trying to scale back the new federal nutritional standards, writing some members are now threatening to roll back these new standards and lower the quality of food our kids get in school. our children deserve so much better than this she argues. her comments come after a house bill that would exempt more whole grains, more vegetables. >> it's not working. >> reporter: proponents say the legislation is aimed to give
7:20 am
tax-strapped schools struggling to implement the standards more flexibilities. >> it's caused a lot of lost money. >> reporter: the first lady typically avoids thorny political fights, but this week, she has engaged meeting with nutrition officials on tuesday. >> good to have you. welcome to the white house. >> reporter: today, as parents, we always put our children's interests first. our leaders in washington should do the same." >> when you try to put an easy meal like this, that's the results you'll get. >> reporter: michelle obama uncharacteristically tackling politics head on. now, the mill which includes a temporary nutrition waiver would be discussed by a house committee. that's washington speak for the legislation is still in its early stages. back to you. >> thank you. carson daly is here. got more reaction to that revealing interview with edward snowden. >> good morning, guys. how are you doing? >> good. >> interesting to watch as you
7:21 am
heard from the interview with brian. the online opinion is the exact same. come over to the orange room and let me try to break it down what we know all day yesterday and during the interview on "prime" here on nbc. we asked you to #traitor or #patriot. it showed the twitter activity during the day yesterday. you see the surge in a second. green patriot, blue, traitor. getting a lot of activity during the interview itself. pretty much, by and large, we saw this trend, 53% of you, the majority of you listed edward snowden as a traitor. okay. now, this is where it gets interesting, 9:00 p.m. eastern time, an hour before the interview aired, traitor was pretty much in the lead there. the interview starts here. this surge in #patriot all of a sudden jumps right after the interview aired on the east coast. clearly, once there was a face to the story, people's opinions
7:22 am
online drastically changed. and it continued that trend through 2:00 a.m. eastern which is when it ended on the west coast. your online opinion has certainly changed after the interview aired. >> fascinating stuff, carson. coming up, we're going to speak with a close family friend of that uc santa barbara killer. it's going to share an emotional message from the parents and why they have not read their son's manifesto yet. and the attack and the story latte or au lait? cozy or cool?
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take the next step. talk to your doctor. this is humira at work. good morning to you. 7:26 i'm laura garcia-cannon. investigators in san francisco are looking at surveillance video to try to figure out how a man ended up pinned under a car early this morning happened at a gas station near 24th and geary. firefighters had to use a jack to rescue the man. he suffered a serious head injury, but is expected to survive. the driver and passenger of the car are being questioned by police. students and staff will hold a candlelight vigil tonight in san jose to honor george chen. one of the young men killed in friday's attack near uc santa barbara. the vigil starts at 8:30. bryan stow civil suit against the l.a. dodgers and the team's former owner is set to
7:27 am
start today. stow was beaten nearly to death outside dodger stadium three years ago. stow is accusing the team and former owner, frank mccourt, of not providing enough security at the game. stow suffered brain damage and is permanently disabled. let's check that microclimate forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> hey, thank you, laura. good morning to you at home. headed outdoors this thursday noticeably warmer for you and clearer to start and still breezy through your local hillsides and at the coast, as well. hey, that coast will stay clear all the way until about 3:00 and the low clouds return. not before we climb by about 5 to 8 degrees from yesterday's high. warmer out there but clouds later on this evening. highs come up at 8:00 p.m. and it will be hot out there for today out in the north bay and tri-valley. low 70s in san francisco and here's mike with your drive. >> all right, christina. slower drive now as we look at the san mateo bridge. live shot there and westbound looks fine at the toll plaza and
7:28 am
looking at the map getting to the toll plaza is the issue coming off the slow southbound 880 drive. the build out of hayward and in towards union city and somewhere between the two off ramps approaching that dunbarton bridge. lighter flow for the rest of the bay and the northbound rest of san jose and northbound 280 heading up towards an earlier crash around lawrence. back to you. >> thank you very much. another local news update coming up for you in half an hour. hope you have a great morning.
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gridlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he became speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller.
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♪ 7:30 now on a thursday morning. it is the 29th day of may, 2014. it's a pretty view from the top of the rock, the empire state building. one world trade center in the background. pretty. tomorrow, we're going to have a live concert on the plaza from a country super group always on top of the charts, rascal flatts. we'll hear more from the band later on this morning. >> that's a wake-up song. >> any music. >> like ants in the pants. meantime, here's what's making headlines today. calls are growing again for the resignation of v.a. secretary eric shinseki, this, after a new
7:31 am
report found that at least 1700 veterans were kept off the waiting list at the veterans hospital in phoenix. the unmanned sub searching for malaysian airlines flight 370 is searching with its final mission. investigators now believe that area is not the final resting place of that plane. and more than 250,000 kids are seen in the emergency room each year with injuries from sports and recreational activities. >> and just ahead, brad pitt struck on the red carpet. suspect immediately taken into custody. we're going to find out why this jerk has become so familiar with police. >> yeah. chilling. all right, coming up tomorrow on "today," savannah sits down exclusively with priscilla chan, she's the wife of one of the wealthiest men in
7:32 am
the world, mark zuckerberg. she's never given a television interview until now. their conversation will air tomorrow on "today." we begin this half hour with the latest on that deadly rampage out in california. we spoke with simon astaire, the friend and spokesperson for the rodger family about the night of the tragedy but it began by reading an emotional statement from the rodger family. >> we are crying for the victims and pain and the families. it breaks our hearts on a level that we didn't think it was possible. the feeling knowing that it was our son's action that caused the tragedy can only be described as hell on earth. it is now our responsibility to do everything we can to help avoid this happening to any other family. not only to avoid any more innocence destroyed, but also to
7:33 am
identify and deal with the mental issues that drove our son to do what he did. >> i mean, obviously, their words speak volumes, but how are they doing, simon, over these last several days? >> i've seen them since saturday, and they have diminished. they've gone down in size. they're virtually unrecognizable. >> have they been able to go back, simon, and try to piece together the last several weeks, if not months, and try to figure out what actually caused their son to carry out these plans? >> no, i mean, from what i understand, elliot had been living another life for a number of years. again, this is what i understand. his manifesto that he started to write three years ago. >> when you look at it, he talked about the planning but he also talked about the emotions that he had been dealing with, he says, over these many years.
7:34 am
did his parents recognize those things when they read the manifesto? >> first, they haven't read the manifesto. >> why not? >> it is just awful. it's an awful piece of writing. and it is -- they're going through absolutely enough at the moment. they are mourning the victims more than they are mourning their son. >> when they received that manifesto last friday, they read a portion of it, and that triggered an intense and frantic series of events, simon. you can take me through some of what happened? >> the mother got a phone call from a social worker, and said, have you seen your e-mail? she opens it up, she reads the first three or four lines of the e-mail, and then she automatically, instinctively goes to youtube. she looks at the youtube, and there was his retribution video. and within 30 seconds, she rings
7:35 am
up her ex-husband, peter rodger. and he looked at this youtube that was posted. and peter says we have to go there. we have to get to him. >> and the two drive in separate cars, hoping they can prevent what he's talked about on that videotape, not knowing it has already transpired, and they learn about it while they're driving? >> yes, it's being reported there is a the shooting, mass killings and that a black bmw is involved. and they're living their nightmare. they're hearing their son is murdering people. >> did they ever think, though, through those years that they were getting him help that his thoughts could turn violent? >> perhaps maybe to themselves, but to others, absolutely not. i got an e-mail from peter saying that his son had been shot dead. that he had taken others with him.
7:36 am
i suppose the reason why i'm here talking to you, i can at least try and express their deep, deep remorse. and grief for those innocents that didn't return on friday night. >> simon, we thank you for your time, obviously. so much grieving going on and such a complicated kind of grieving for the rodger family. simon astaire, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> they have not read the manifesto. they can't bring themselves to sit through that 137-page document. the father has seen the entire youtube video. i'm not sure whether the mother has watched that in its entirety either. >> he said they're mourning the deaths of the victims before we can mourn our son. they're living it on two fronts. >> that's horrible. >> let us get a check of the weather now from mr. roker. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by new nexium 24 hours for frequent heartburn now
7:37 am
available without prescription. new york city 11 degrees below normal. roanoke at 73. norfolk at 70. down in charlotte, just below the front, 89 degrees. and look how warm it is as you get into the midwest. cincinnati, 82. st. louis getting up to 84 degrees. 5 degrees above normal. and we're looking at des moines with a high of 83 degrees. we do look at wet weather along the mid-atlantic states, along that front, all the way along the gulf coast. plains, all the way down to the southwest and charlotte. another warm day in phoenix. 97 and sunshine. that's what's going on around the country. 7:37. good thursday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. your current temperatures. 56 here in san jose and meanwhile 57 degrees to start the day in san francisco. little hazy sunshine to kick off your thursday in san jose.
7:38 am
we head throughout the afternoon and your temperatures are going to soar because it's nice and clear here in your inland valleys and same, clear start. yes, lots of sunshine coming in in san francisco. highs here will reach the 70s and 81 degrees for the peninsula today. >> and that's your latest weather. >> mr. roker, thank you. coming up, admit it. you can't resist the smell of bacon. we love it around here. but have you an wondered why that smell gets under your skin so much. this morning, we'll reveal the science behind that. >> yes. and up next, brad pitt attacked on the red carpet for the premiere of angelina jolie's new movie. carson? >> here's your clue, a couple on air, a couple on twitter. she played the title character on emmy award winning show, the first guess, bring those in,
7:39 am
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♪ back now at 7:43. movie premiere featuring brad pitt typically makes headlines but not for the reasons that we're talking nab this latest red carpet appearance. nbc's stephanie gosk has the story. good morning. >> with the premiere of angelina jolie's new movie at el capitan theater he was signing autographs when all of a sudden the man charges him and assaulted him. a bizarre attack from a man who hopped a barrier at a red carpet event and struck the superstar in the face. pitt was signing autographs for fans at the premiere of angelina jolie's new movie "maleficent" when all of a sudden a man with a history of assaulting
7:44 am
celebrities rushed the actor. pitt was unharmed. the alleged attacker was later identified as 25-year-old vitali sediuk, a ukrainian personality who uses the red carpet for so-called pranks on hollywood stars. only last week, he tried to climb under the dress of america ferrera in cannes. and at the acceptance speech at the grammy awards he got a slat from will smith after trying to kiss thing actor in 2012. after last night, angelina jolie and brad pitt seemed to take it in stride. but this morning many are calling it a dangerous stunt. sediuk is charged with suspicion of battery and held on $25,000 bail. >> can you imagine? >> that's not a practical joke
7:45 am
to take a swing at somebody. >> and he's a ukrainian television personality. who puts him on tv? coming up on "trending" who do you think is the greatest singer of all times? the conversational list and why the person even has a problem with it. >> she starred alongside elizabeth taylor and has a star on hollywood's walk of fame. i'm going to tweet out another in just a second. go on twitter, and we'll have the answer in five minutes. >> that narrows it unlimited cash back. let that phrase sit with you for a second. unlimited. as in, no limits on your hard-earned cash back. as in no more dealing with those rotating categories. the quicksilver card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase, every day. don't settle for anything less.
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7:50 am
all right. back at 7:49. carson will be playing guess the guest all morning long. we have the answers a lot of people think it's mary tyler moore, candice bergen. who do you think? >> chara, final answer. >> all right. >> i said cher. >> i like cher. >> okay. you're all close. let's go ahead and introduce the mystery guest, everybody. >> okay. >> come on in, young lady. ♪ >> we have lassie! >> come on, lass! >> oh, my gosh. >> look at that, lassie. pretty cool, everybody. 76th anniversary of the character of lassie was introduced on the saturday evening post. guys, lassie is the first four-legged ambassador of four-legged charities.
7:51 am
>> timmy's in the well? >> lassie, do you want to help me on the big board here? power of the bark. this is lassie from moore, oklahoma, doing good work. do you have another one of these pictures, lass? okay. there's another beautiful one there. guys we have pictures of you. let's go to the next one, lass, one more here. >> who's that, everybody? >> kind of looks like lassie. >> it does. >> next picture. i'll help you out. matt. >> that's walden. >> beautiful dog. >> oh. >> beautiful name. >> and here we have al. >> and my two dogs. >> send in pictures of your first pet or the pet you have now. #orangeroom.
7:52 am
ladies and gentlemen, our mystery guest. >> thank you. >> i thought june lockhart. >> that's an impressive guest. all right. carson. all right, lassie. you can spot the difference, take a look at this. the alterations made to these yearbook photos. some of the girls are pretty upset about it. and then why is the aroma of bacon so hard to resist? you have to ask the [male vo] inside this bag exists over 150 years of swedish coffee experience. that's 150 years of experience in refining and perfecting the rich, never bitter taste of gevalia. and we do it all for this very experience. this very second. this exact moment. [woman] that's good. i know right? cheers to that. gevalia. 150 years of rich, never bitter coffee.
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7:56 am
good morning, everyone. 7:56. i'm scott mcgrew. many people in the bay area and across the state worry they may lose out on their next trip and a lot of money all because the san francisco company is behind on processing travel visa requests. cox and kings global services started handling visa applications for the indian consulate last week. yesterday frustrated people lined up at the door for answers. more are there this morning. the company says the transition not going smoothly. thanks to a new system and computer problem. mountain view city leaders are talking about an ordinance to ban magazines holding more than ten bullets. according to the "mercury news" the city council asked the mountain view city attorney to do some research on similar ordinances passed in sunnyvale last year. let's check your weather with christina this morning. >> good morning, scott. good morning to you at home.
7:57 am
sun out for two hours and temperatures warming nup to the 60s. 61 in the south bay and 62 in concord and oakland and if you're headed outdoors this thursday, this is what you need to know. breezy at the coast and through the hills and the wind has relaxed overnight. temps will climb by five to eight degrees and noticeably warmer and if you want to open up the windows in your home, nice breeze later on this evening and 7:00 p.m. is your time to do so as the sun starts to drop off. 84, kind of toasty in the south bay, mike. >> over here no one is toast on the roadway and no crashes or at least not major ones right now. we do see a lot of slowing through san jose and look at highway 87 and a little treat and lighter than your freeways northbound. they deserve that after the last few days they had. slow in both directions and also westbound directions for the san mateo bridge and approaching the bay bridge your maze moves pretty smoothly and southbound 101 approaching university. scott, back it you.
7:58 am
>> thanks. more local news in half an hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up to the rescue. a group of friends help return a newborn to her parents on social media. plus, axel rose, the greatest singer ever? a controversial new list has the music industry talking as we break down our favorites of all time. and why does bacon smell so good? we've got the science behind the sizzle today, thursday, may 29th, 2014. ♪ >> whoo!
8:01 am
>> good morning, indiana! >> mississippi! >> we came just to see al. >> whoo! >> good morning, minnesota. go! >> university of wisconsin, go badgers. >> we're celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary at the "today" show! >> whoo! we're back now, 8:00 on a thursday morning. 29th day of may. 2014. lassie out, shaking some paws here on the plaza. mingling with her fans. always good to have lassie on the show. >> yes. >> meanwhile, i'm matt lauer along with tamron hall, al roker, carson daly. savannah is on assignment. do you hear the music in the background? >> that's one of my favorite songs. throwback thursday. >> yes. >> it's a classic. i thought it would be a fun one
8:02 am
for throwback thursday. >> to get the party started. >> yeah. >> it does. >> we've got a lot to get to in this half hour. we're going to start with news from natalie. natalie, take it away. >> good morning, all. nsa leaker edward snowden is warning americans about how he says the government can spy on them through their cell phones. he noted government documents in the past that revealed how the nsa has tracked locations of cell phones worldwide. but in an interview with brian williams seen here on "today," he says the government can use your phone to spy on your personal life. take a listen. >> they're able to do something called your pattern of life. when do you wake up? when do you go to sleep? are you with someone who is not your wife? >> snowden said he did try to raise privacy concerns with his bosses but basically told to
8:03 am
stop asking questions. officials for the veterans administration were called before congress wednesday night after a new report revealed nearly 2 thousand veterans at hospitals were never even placed on waiting lists. the report also says that patients at a hospital had to wait four months for treatment not the days claimed by hospitals. 43 hospitals are now under investigation. a newborn kidnapped from a quebec hospital monday night has been yee united with her parents thanks to the power reach of social media. >> reporter: it was the scenario every new parent dreads, the baby disappeared from a hospital crib. taken by a young woman dressed in scrubs and posing as a nurse. >> she had the attitude, the uniform, all of it.
8:04 am
and never presumed she was a kidnapper. >> reporter: that's when facebook came to the rescue. the amber alert posted by police was picked up by a group of friends. >> and we thought they knew about facebook. we saw the baby was kidnapped. we decided to go -- >> find the baby. >> find the baby. >> and the red car that was announced on facebook. >> in fact, the girls recognized the kidnapper right away. >> old friends from school. that's why we -- kind of a >> old friends from school. that's why we -- kind of a different girl. >> reporter: they found the car with the baby on board sticker and saw she was home. they called police. >> we just heard the noises kicking down the door. >> it's the best thing in our life when the came in the arms of the police. it was amazing. >> yes. >> we were crying. big hugs. >> reporter: three hours after
8:05 am
she'd gone missing, baby victoria was back with her parents who put heir heartfelt thank you, where else, but on facebook. >> thank goodness, baby victoria is safe and unharmed and 21-year-old suspect is in the hospital under police surveillance. you might warn your childrens about making their beds. an unmade bed, my bed an iconic piece by british artist tracy anman is being auctioned. it's the actual bed after she had spent several days in it complete with dirty sheets, newspapers, cigarette butts. and other bedroom debris. do you believe that, $1 million. 8:05. let's get a check of the weather once again with al. >> nat, thanks so much. three generations of babies. >> grandmother, mother and daughter. >> where are you from? >> hermosa beach, california. >> what's her name?
8:06 am
>> kennedy. >> very pretty. thanks for coming down. appreciate it. let's see what we have for you as far as your weather today. we are looking at wet stuff make its way through the gulf coast. as we zoom on in and show you new orleans, you can see a lot of wet weather happening there. in fact some showers, thunderstorms. jackson, mobile, we're looking at wet weather today. in fact, another 1 to 3 inches. some areas as much as 5 inches of rain over the next two days. so heavy flooding still a big problem. that's what's going on a 8:06. happy thursday to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren, taking a live look at the san francisco bay. now, this is from emeryville, but you can clearly make out san francisco here in the distance. it's going to be warm with all that sunshine coming in so early, up to 70 degrees in san francisco today. not a bad day shaping up there. 84, a little on the warm side today in the south bay, but temperatures, they're going to tumble as we head through tomorrow and we have a nice, comfortable weekend looking your way. friday and saturday, temperatures mostly in the 70s. hope you have a great day.
8:07 am
and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you -- no, i won't move. up next on "trending" not whitney, not frank, not mariah. why axl rose is thought of as the greatest singer ever. >> really? >> yeah. plus, the science behind the scent, why you cannot resist the sweet smell of bacon. the season's must-see movie. and the concerts. but first, matt -- maybe shake hand or two. >> oh, so sweet. good girl. so sweet.
8:08 am
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8:10 am
what's trending today. let us begin this morning with a year book controversy at one utah high school. female students are pretty upset that their photos were altered without their knowledge. now, officials at wasatch high school edited some pictures to cover up the girls a little bit, adding some sleeves to their outfits. another student has her tattoo covered. and another one had her neckline at her shirt raised a little bit. here's the problem, the policy seems to be applied at random. here are two students wearing nearly identical outfits but only one had sleeves added to her picture. the school is apologizing not for the policy, but for the random nature in its application of the policy. >> they're both weird. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> the policy and the randomness. >> what does a sleeve add? that's crazy. >> there's the parent's job. >> the county superintendent said he can help kids better prepare for their future by knowing how to dress appropriately.
8:11 am
>> work with the kids and teach them instead of photoshopping. >> who says that's inappropriate. >> i'm going to say this as a woman, the sleeves do not define you as a woman. as a woman who doesn't wear sleeves. i can see about low cut and cleavage. adding a sleeve, what country is this? that's insane. >> that was in this country. >> i know that. i didn't need an answer, but thank you. if you're planning to visit new york this summer and take part in a romantic ritual think again. lovers often flock to the brook lidge bridge by signifying their eternal love by using a padlock. >> but they're asking them to stop, the love locks are potentially dangerous. the city has removed 6,000 of them since last summer. new york is not alone. paris is also having problems with one of its bridges. officials in the city of lights now considering a fine for lovers there who break the rules. >> and in protest, some lovers
8:12 am
are padlocking themselves to the bridge. >> oh, no. >> which is a whole different problem. >> you cannot get better locks than in new york. throw a bagel in -- anyway. carson, you know a thing or two about great voices. >> yeah. >> well, there's a new list out ranking the world's greatest singers. you may be surprised at who's topping the list. ♪ oh sweet child of mine >> okay. guns -- guns n roses front man, axl rose, the list compiled on the soulful range of top artists. following axel, mariah carey, prince and steven tyler. >> he is responding this morning, axl said he is flattered but he wouldn't put himself on the top of the list. his favorite, johnny cash, etta james. and of course, we have to get our own. this is a tough one for me, name my favorite singer of all time. someone who loves music so much. i'm going with sam cook.
8:13 am
sam cook had -- listen to me, 30 top 40 hits between 1957 and 1964. think about that. this is a guy who had his own record labels. own publishing company. he bridged the gap between soul and pop. that voice -- that's it for me. >> make your case, carson, i'm sold. i like bono. i love bono. i think he's defined the music of our generation. >> my pick is aretha franklin because they call her the queen, of course. that's an easy case to make. >> yeah. i have a tie. stevie wonder and marvin gaye. you can't go wrong. stevie wonder, i just love the -- he has such soul in his voice. >> signed, sealed, delivered. >> but i will say, i think axel rose has a great voice. great rock 'n' roll voice. >> and he does have that range. >> yeah. >> he can go really high up there. >> yeah. >> all right. >> and that's what's trending today. another story that's getting
8:14 am
attention online, the death of author, poet and inspiration maya angelou. a lot of people are taking to social media posting quotes from a woman whose words will live on forever. >> probably the most important lesson is to know that you have been loved. the truth is to exist at all, you have to have been loved. >> dr. maya angelou's words are her legacy, and since the news of her death, there's been an outpouring of love from fans and friends. people like oprah winfrey who posted this photo and wrote in part that angelou will always be the rainbow in my cloud. >> every human being has the possibility and the probability and the privilege really of inspiring someone else. everybody. >> angelou herself was an inspiration to many. something president obama mentioned in 2011 when angelou was awarded the presidential
8:15 am
medal of freedom. >> maya angelou found her voice. a voice has spoken to most. including my mother which is why my sister is named maya. >> on wednesday, the president called angelou one of the brightest lights of our times. >> here on this new day, you may have the grace to look up and out and into your sister's eyes and then into your brother's face. your country and say simply, very simply, with hope good morning. >> in 1993, angelou read her poem on the morning of president clinton's first inauguration. on wednesday, president clinton said america has lost a national treasure and hillary and i, a beloved friend. >> it's in the reach of my arms. it's in the span of my hips. it's in the stride of my step. it's in the curl of my lips. i'm a woman.
8:16 am
phenomenally. >> spoken or written her words were profound. in her last tweet, angelou wrote "listen to yourself and if that quiet you might hear the words of god." words that brought to mind a famous poem, peace, my brother. peace, my sister. peace, my soul. peace. >> and, matt, you were saying her many appearances on the "today" show. >> you know, there's so many great people come through this show. but there are only a few when they're here and they're talking, everybody stops. all action in the studio stops. and people pay full attention. maya angelou is one of those people. her interviews with bryant and katie and me, she was an incredible guest. >> her words always had such great meaning. >> she had such grace. we're back in just 30 seconds.
8:17 am
♪ ♪ we're back now with two men who can teach you a lot about flying. they are the most traveled air passengers in the world. and they've flown here together from london to share their tales from the air with us. but first, their story. >> cheers, mate. >> cheers. >> tom tucker and fred finn have become good friends. tom calls new jersey home while fred splits his time between england and ukraine. but they both actually live in the air. between them both they've thrown
8:18 am
flown 30 million miles around the globe. that's 60 trips to the moon and back. fred is in the guinness book with 15 million. but tom 15 years younger is quickly approaching 14 million miles in the air. what could have become baiter rivalry for the king of the ar has become a friendship. >> if i pass him, i pass him. if i don't, i don't. all i know, we're having a lot of fun. >> the two met up in the uk to fly from london to new york just for "today." and to show how seasoned travelers charm their way around the world. >> even visits from up front. with 10 million miles with united, tom got a plane named after him and a titanium frequent flier card. >> here you go. remind you of anyone? and flying the concord, another world record for the brit.
8:19 am
even though the concorde is no longer flying, fred got the chance to give tom the first on board tour right here in new york. >> 11 inches? does that mean you get more leg room? >> no. >> kindred spirits bonding over their big adventures in the big apple. fred finn and tom stuker, good morning. >> we're having a ball. >> fred, you got most of your miles on the concorde, it's out of service since 2003, how does flying on the concorde versus a regular airplane, how different is that? >> 7 1/2 hours versus 3 1/4 hours. >> those are good flights. a lot of good memories. what's your favorite? >> it was my favorite. i had a love affair with the concorde 27 years, actually london, with
8:20 am
my ex-wives to tell you the truth. >> oh, boy, i told you guys they are a party. tom, you're gunning for your buddy here. >> not really. i'll probably catch him in a little bit. that's the least of my concern. we're having too much fun. fred is the number one right now. he's got the trophy. >> what's your favorite flying story, tom? >> i don't know, there was a time i came out of sydney. and my chest started pinching a little bit. and the next thing you know, i said to my traveling mate, one of my employees, i said, ouch, i think i'm having a heart attack. he said no, you're not having a heart attack. he goes to the flight attendant. swears i have a heart attack. what are the odds of eight heart surgeons on the plane to new york. they said, good we can work on someone. one put a nitro tablet under my tongue. the flight attendant said do you
8:21 am
want to do an emergency landing in honolulu? i said that would give me a heart attack. >> tom, that's crazy. fred, what have you learned in the 15 million miles, the advice that you share with the rest of us? >> first off, be a human being. there's no jumping up and down at the counter if you miss a flight. it's not that girl's fault. you don't want to get a heart attack at somebody else's expense. hue military, be yourself, don't pressure anybody. you'll have a nice flight. be friendly to the flight attendants because they're going to be friendly back. >> tom, i'll go in on this one, mile high or not? >> 12 mile high. on the concorde, you have 12 mile high. >> 12 mile high, it's a very exclusively club. >> i only ask because they told me. >> you told me in a commercial break. >> i don't kiss and fly. >> i got to start using that. tom, fred, a great pleasure. i've learned so much and i'm even blushing now. back over to matt.
8:22 am
>> la, la, la, la, la, la -- >> i can't hear you! >> thanks for that, tamron. eating breakfast right now? maybe granola, fresh fruit? no, we're talking bacon. nbc's craig melvin is here with what could be ground-breaking science. >> really? >> this is big. 200 years in the making. we eat it for breakfast, put it on salads. adding it to a burger even. bacon, as you know makes everything better. but what is it about this particular food that has us clamoring to the kitchen for this sensation. scientists say it's more complex than you might imagine. >> reporter: irresistible, mouth-watering, sizzling taste of bacon. from the wacky to the tacky. from perfume to tooth favorite, americans have a special place in their heart for bacon. spending an estimated $2 billion per year on the tasty breakfast
8:23 am
meat and flocking to restaurants like bar bacon in new york city devoted solely to -- you guessed it -- bacon. >> the bacon is probably the perfect. >> i love bacon. come from a big family of bacon lovers. when i make it at home, i can't get it out of the pan fast enough. my kids eat it before it even hits the plate. >> there's nothing to even not like about bacon. it's meat and it's delicious. and it goes with everything. >> reporter: peter shoreman is the chef and owner from bar bacon. >> there rarely is happier things in your life. bacon is certainly one of those things. it's a trigger. you smell that and you're happy. >> reporter: and now we know thanks to a brand-new video from all places, the american chemical society from compound interest just why the interest in bacon. >> it turns out there's 150
8:24 am
compounds that contribute to the sweet smell of bacon. when you throw it in the pan, sugars react with the amino acids in the bacon. >> now in english. >> as soon as you smell bacon, whenever you try it and bring it up to eat it, your mouth starts watering. your body recognizes that you're eating something that's good. you know that right away. it's that sweet, savory, salty, all in one that bacon gives. nothing else, no other food, that i know of, gives you. >> so 150 different chemical compounds that essentially is the secret. >> and explains why we salivate. >> yes. >> imagine a superfood that you can east at breakfast, lunch, bacon on a burger. >> let's say it's friday morning. al and i get to work at the same time, 4:45. what's the first thing we do? >> it's bacon friday. >> it's like roller derby. who gets there first.
8:25 am
>> if you get here late, though -- >> forget it. >> i eat a little turkey bacon. >> it's not the same. strips not bacon. >> do you like bacon? >> i love bacon. >> of course, i'm a bacon girl. >> delicious, thank you, craig. by the way, you know who else loves bacon. john malkovich loves his bacon. john, you want bacon? >> i was told coffee and bacon. >> coffee and bacon? there you go. service. >> thank you. >> he's so polite. >> he's talking about his fashion line and turning 60. he looks fantastic. he's missing out on this, though. >> first, these messages, local news. i'm brian williams, coming up on "nbc nightly news," the fallout from our interview with edward snowden. the reaction from all sides pouring in about what he had to say.
8:26 am
a very good morning to you. it is 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. rapper snoop lion, joe montana, and numerous other big-name celebrities will host a benefit in san francisco tonight in hopes of promoting peace. it's part of snoop tease no guns allowed campaign. snoop lion, used to be snoop dog, the event will start with a discussion about the importance of gun violence prevention and an auction of snoop's paintings and other belongings. the event will be at air b&b headquarters on brandon street. you in, mike? >> i'm in. i've got to get me a microphone. >> don't go changing your name. >> we'll call it mike the traffic guy over here. and look over here toward traffic flow across the san mateo bridge. we'll call that the same thing as well for reference's sake. looking at the westbound direction, it is slow.
8:27 am
now, the commute is kicking in there, but a little bit lighter than typical. cal trans work on the grid. it bogs down both directions for the bay shore on 101. the south bay, northbound routes all jamming up, starting to ease in san jose, just slow coming out of san jose into the rest of silicon valley. looking at the rest of your bay and a smoother drive, both sides of the bay experiencing a pretty typical pattern. things are starting to lighten up a bit over here. as we look at oakland, 880 past the coliseum, we see things bogging down for 880. back to the "today" show.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ we're back here at 8:30 on a thursday morning, 29th of may, 2014. just loving to play that music. it's our way of reminding you that the country super group rascal flatts will be taking over our plaza. it's a live concert tomorrow morning. if you're a fan of country music, if you're a fan of rascal flatts, come on down. that should be a big summer crowd.
8:31 am
>> if you're a fan of music. they cover the whole spectrum. they have a new album, new tour and we caught up to talk to them about family and that recent lip-synching flap that got a lot of attention. also ahead, oscar nominee john malkovich is here. he's the star of a new show. "cross bones". his first regular television role. and the guide to the hottest movies and concerts coming up. >> mr. roker, checking the weather. >> we start today, heavy thunderstorms and wet weather for the plains. right up and down the west coast. showers for the pacific northwest. and then for tomorrow, we're looking at sunny skies in the mid-atlantic states. some rain in the northeast. look for warm and sunny conditions in the pacific northwest. sizzling in the southwest. more rain hanging out through the lower gulf coast. and it's your 60th birthday? >> yes. >> what's your name? >> cindy johnson. >> cindy, happy birthday. >> thank you, al. appreciate it. >> that's what's going on around
8:32 am
the country. here's what's happening in your nice recovery there, al. good morning to you. temperatures mostly in the 60s, already, and it's only 8:30 too. so i can tell you, rapid warming for the first part of the day. and then we're going to see those low clouds start to push in. santa cruz mountains should hold those low clouds in until tonight. but here in san francisco, you'll see them roll in by about 5:00 p.m. nonetheless, we'll see temperatures very warm for today. 84 in the south bay, 87 in the east bay, and 70 today in san francisco. hope you have a fantastic thursday. that's your latest weather. what do you have planned for the summer? well, it's the perfect time to check out some of the year's hottest movies and concerts matt dean from entertainment weekly is here with the summer must list. let's start with a movie. this isn't a blockbuster, but people are talking about it.
8:33 am
a lot of people talking about it. >> it features shailene woodley. and we think will be on the walls everywhere. >> he'll be the it guy. >> that's right. it's based on a novel by john green and it follows a story as they meet in a cancer support group. >> let me just say tearjerker alert. >> tissues by the ton. >> coming out in early june. we're talking not just a concert, we're talking festival. the governor's ball here in new york. this one had bad weather last year. >> it did. of course, there are a lot of pictures of people on instagram featuring people in the muck. hopefully the weather is good this year. it is fantastic to see big bands like outkast, playing almost every music festival. bands like heart. and edm acts like that. a place to see great music. >> right here in new york. another movie, a sequel "how to drain your dragon."
8:34 am
>> it's a really big hit. one step further, they've united the vikings and the dragons. they're out where they encounter a new breed of dragon and dragon trappers. they have to defeat dragon trappers and save all humanity as well. >> say good-bye to june. this is july. let's talk about a movie in july. "begin again" starring adam levine and keira knightley. >> it is a musical romantic comedy. it's a follow-up to "once." it features keira knightley and adam levine as they move for success. as his career takes off, his -- hers falters. a down on his luck record producer takes her around the city. the city becomes a character. he sort of saves his life and restarts her in the process.
8:35 am
>> back to music, i have the essence music festival. >> what better way to celebrate the 4th of july. it's not just a music festival. great musical acts prince, mary j. blige. lionel richie. also panels from the reverend al sharpton, alicia keys. steve harvey. fantastic way to spend fourth of july. >> closing out july, "wish i were here." >> that's the zach braff movie. he wrote this with his brother to talk about life and loss with heir father. a 35-year-old facing existential crisis about what to do with his life. ends up home schooling his children. it is a kick-start movie. a lot of fans that watched garden state are excited for this to come out. >> let's go to august now, flying flew the summer. "guardians of the galaxy." >> marvel has a good track record. from parks & recreation, he got
8:36 am
ripped for this role. an interesting character. he's a comedic character. like a han solo swashbuckler. comes in possession of an object called the orb which may or may not control the universe. he's banded together with a group of characters that include vin diesel as the voice of a talking free. bradley cooper. >> let's go back to music. the outlands festival. >> really excited about this one. i smell the bacon in the studio. if you're into food, chefs are the new rock stars. this festival gives you an opportunity to decide for yourself. it features 69 restaurants. on the west coast you've got macklemore and ryan lewis. and they've got everything. cheese land. >> just wrapping up august with another movie, 10 million people read this book now the movie "the giver." >> jeff bridges has been trying to make this movie for 20 years. it's his passion project.
8:37 am
originally his father was going to play the giver, it's the one person in humanity in his utopian society that is allowed to know a lot about history. kind of a heavy thing for you. but in case of emergency, don't want to repeat failures from the past. really interesting film. >> you just flew through the summer, matt. >> i need some bacon. >> we'll get you some. "entertainment weekly's" matt dean. up next, before they hit the stage, rascal flatts, kids have changed their recent performance that did not go as planned. this is "today" on nbc. kids hae gridlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he became
8:38 am
speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller.
8:39 am
nice crowd out there. we're back at 8:39. getting you ready for tomorrow's concert of one of the biggest names in music, rascal flatts.
8:40 am
kate snow spent some time with them. >> good morning. rascal flatts just released their ninth studio album. the band took some heat recently from fans for lip-synching, we're ready to talk about that and more. >> reporter: rascal flatts has a sense of humor about how they turn out hits. you sold more than 24 million albums in an age when people usually download one tune on itunes. how do you do that? >> our moms. >> we've got really good moms. >> reporter: that humor extends to their mistakes. at the academy of music awards last month, the band was caught lip-synching after gary lavoss lost his voice. >> i regret that i couldn't sing, you know. >> i asked him if they'd let me
8:41 am
sing it down an octave lower. you know, we've taken a lot of heat for lip-synching and we're terrible at it. >> to prove it, they showed us. >> i don't want to talk behind your back. >> we would never want to deceive our fans and we're very terrible that we're terrible at lip-synching. we want you to know we will do our very best to perform every live performance we can. thank you, we love our fans. >> that was great. made your point. you've made your point. >> reporter: all three band members are fathers which can make touring tough. >> when they're little, it's cute when they tell you that they miss you and stuff. when they get 12, 13, it hurts a little more. >> for me, my kids have changed every aspect of my life. every decision i make. everything that i do. every song that i write, somehow that emotion has to come out. ♪ >> reporter: and it does and
8:42 am
sometimes in surprising ways. we joined them for a concert at the children's hospital in vanderbilt where the band has donated $3 million. so much that there's now a rascal flatts surgery center here helping 21,000 kids a year. >> we've gotten so much from it. so much than we'll ever get from a hospital. >> reporter: many parents know the band for the hit song "life is a highway" from the hit movie "cars." kids here know it, too. and say they're thankful for the support. >> i can say they're my favorite band ever, ever, ever. ♪ all night long life say highway ♪ >> one of the moms at the hospital has this little toddler. she's been really sick. she's been basically living in the hospital. she said, it's nice to be a family and enjoy the music and
8:43 am
not have to think about tests and surgeries for one day. that's what they've given them. >> and they're great. they're humble, self-deprecating. charitable. >> and of course, they can sing. >> again, thank you, kate. you can see rascal flatts live on the plaza tomorrow on "today." up next, john malkovich on his new show. his fashion line. and you won't believe the odd jobs he had before his life. this is "today" on nbc. is split in two.
8:44 am
you can either have high-end or low-price. quality or quantity. designer or disposable. or you can go to t.j.maxx and you can have it all. get up to 50% off department store prices. t.j.maxx.
8:45 am
back now at 8:45 with one of the most talented men in hollywood. you probably know john malkovich for his roles like "dangerous liaison," "in the line of fire" now, he's taking it to storm starring as a legendary pirate
8:46 am
black beard in "crossbones." >> i don't fear death. if this thing is behind us, i'm afraid death is what you're pleading for. and it is exactly what you will not be granted. not all those unflattering legends about me are untrue. >> and, john is with me this morning. good morning. your energy is so sweet, and to watch you play this villain, it's hard to imagine, what draws you to these characters. >> well, i wouldn't say anything drew me to them, really. when you're an actor, you choose from amongst that for which you've been chosen for. so, i'm often asked to do things like that. and some of them, i do. >> what drew you, though, what made you take this role? you have a choice. >> this particular role, i
8:47 am
thought it was a terrific piece of writinging by an english writer called neal cross who has the series "luther." >> yes, of course. >> but i had only read one of ten, because that's all that they have at the time that they were sending out. and i thought it was an excellent piece of writing. very good premise. structured very well, interesting characters. so i kind of took a fly on it, not knowing that the other nine would be like but i thought the quality of the first one was excellent. >> well, certainly, you go from literature to film to television, with the obsession with pirates. you're black beard. how did you want to present this character different than what we've seen or read in the past? >> well, the real blackbeard about whom actually quite little is known really, factually, was killed, i think when he was 38.
8:48 am
the governor of the carolinas at the time sent in a party to kill the man. but in our story, what neal sort of posited was that in fact blackbeard had not been killed, he was still alive, and had lived 20 years on, still doing his pirate thing. >> okay. but the question begged, though, did he have a black beard? >> maybe he did once. >> your character does not. >> not anymore, no. >> how do you manage to balance -- again, your energy is so soft and so inviting. how do you balance that with hollywood and the fame? i know you're from the midwest. we were talking, flea market shopping in texas. which i would have loved to have run into you there. how do you balance that and stay out of the press in a way you have done? >> well, i never -- i lived in
8:49 am
new york very briefly years ago. but i don't really live much around this sort of media centers. and i have a very quiet life. i don't do social or -- >> in fact, this is the first time you've been live on the "today" show. that's what i was told. your first live gig on the "today" show. >> yeah. >> tell me about your fashion line. you're one of the most well-dressed men around. >> well, about five years ago, i started the second line i had, manufactured in italy, called technobohemian. >> now, would you wear what you design? here you are in a suit, would you wear that? it kind of looks like a rock star. >> some, maybe not some. >> so this is a fantasy creation for others? >> yeah. i mean, i don't do it for myself. i had a line before this. i think i just finished my 23rd
8:50 am
collection. >> well, i've got to pay this off. you said you've had odd jobs in the past. driving a school bus. picking up weeds with a landscaping crew. you worked at an office supply store. any of those being in hollywood? >> no, i would have thought -- i did enjoy especially the school bus. >> you would have been the most fascinating bus driver in the world if you continued. >> my students didn't agree. >> well, i disagree with them. it's such an honor and pleasure to meet you. >> my pleasure. >> you can catch the series premiere of "crossbones" tomorrow at 10:00 on nbc. >> first, is this "today" on nbc, you c
8:51 am
8:52 am
♪ back now at 8:52 with "today's kitchen." want to spice up your next batch. let's forget the burgers. maria says try adding flavors or ingredients from greece to your menu. she's the author of "smashing."
8:53 am
>> i love eating greek. >> absolutely. it really is healthy. >> so a simple salad, we'll start. a greek salad. >> yes, please. >> tomatoes, cucumbers and kalamata olives. >> and the olives are pitted, i'm assume ing? >> doesn't have to be. red onions. >> mix that in. what next? >> red wine vinegar. that's a lot. >> okay. >> a pinch of sea salt. >> yes. >> one of the most important things in greek cooking oregano. >> nice. drizzle that on. >> okay. then to make a good salad, feta cheese. >> i asked you what feta do you prefer. you said barrel-aged. >> it's on the market a little
8:54 am
more money. >> crumbled or whole? >> whole. >> why? >> just because. you can crumble it, but prefer it hole. greeks love the lamb. >> okay. >> you marinate it? how long do you marinate it? >> about two hours. >> so you don't have to do it overnight. two hours is sufficient. >> lemon juice. >> why do you like lemon juice? >> not greek cuisine without lemons. >> fantastic. you do season the meat before putting it in the marinate? >> not too much salt. because it draws out the moisture. put this on a grill. you can do that on an outdoor girl, if not an indoor grill. >> two to three minutes on each side. you can spread it with lemons. >> what do you have here tazeki.
8:55 am
with fennel seeds. this is the most amazing combination. >> usually by now, my colleagues rush in when we have food. i feel like i have you to myself. oh. >> okay. >> the master of grilling lamb chops. he does a great job. in fact, he gives me tips as well. do you guys want some? >> yes. >> maria, this is a great family-style recipe as well? >> yes, you can prepare this ahead of time which is really good. not too much washing up. >> and this salad is beans, tomatoes -- >> you have to set up a gopro camera. >> by the way, maria, you can find the recipes and more on our website >> it's delicious. coming up, how to stop is
8:56 am
signs that you are ageing too fast. well, that was good. >> al, greek salad. >> good morning, everyone. 8:56. i'm scott mcgrew. the scooter is back. hunter pence's favorite ride to work was returned to the giants' clubhouse yesterday by san francisco police. the motorized scooter was stolen from out in front of a restaurant sunday night. pence actually already bought a new one, so he might auction this one off for charity. well, is it a nice day for scootering? let's check in with christina.
8:57 am
>> indeed, it is, scott mcgrew, but what day isn't nice for scootering? i want to pull out this picture so give you an idea, it's getting a little bit choppy out there on our local waters because the wind is picking up. not going to be as fierce as it was yesterday, but still pretty strong. 81 for the east bay, 81 along the peninsula and 84 in the south bay.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. may 29, 2014. nice big crowd on a sunny day in new york city. i'm with al roker, natalie, tam ron. a lot of people talking about this interview with brian williams and edward snowden. since last june, snowden has lived in a secret location in moscow since pulling off the thing he was accused of leaking documents from the nsa spy programs. brian asked him about the ability to spy on someone's cell
9:01 am
phone. take a look. >> i want to ask you about this device. what can the nsa do with this device if they wanted to get into any life? >> they can turn it into a microphone, take pictures from it, take the data off of it. >> can anyone turn it on remotely if it's off? can they turn on apps? >> i say yes to all of those. they can absolutely turn them on with the power turned off on the device. they can tell your pattern of life. when do you do activity tiactiv? are you with someone who's not your wife? >> snowden had access to these files walking brian through what's possible when terms of surveillance. >> we have his word of what's possible. >> right. snowden could come home but would be arrested when he got here. what he misses here, this is what he said. >> if i could go anywhere in the
9:02 am
world, the place would be home. >> what do you miss about home? >> my family. i miss my home i miss my colleagues. i miss the work. >> law enforcement sources say talks over plea deals have not begun. government officials argue he has damaged national security even though no evidence is provided. we put up traitor numbers yesterday. 53% to 47%. we asked after people sat down for an hour and listened to edward snowden. 40% say he's a traitor and 60% say not. one of the things that jumped out at me in the interview, snowden said sometimes to do the right thing, you have to break the law. he laid out over the course of american history people have done that. he said what's right is not always the same as what's legal.
9:03 am
he said this has not been easy. his life has been thrown in the public. he felt he had to do it for his country. that's his view. >> he said he's not supported by the russian government, never met vladimir putin. how is he living? >> i mean, listen, what he did do is bring the conversation of privacy. you buy an iphone. some kid goes in the back and does whatever to your phone. it reminds us of whatever we do everyday online whether nsa or someone looking at the cookies of where you shop. someone is watching. >> absolutely. what's interesting is the question of what has he harmed? what has been exposed is there's harm done in terms of our country's image around the
9:04 am
world. if we have in fact been spying on world leaders like angela merkel the german chancellor. >> they are allegedly spying on us as well. >> exactly. it goes both ways. we don't know the extent of how far it goes on their end. there's the situation you feel you can't trust anyone. you don't know who the enemies are and who your allies are. >> they're the ones doing it, he says. i'm just letting you know. >> as pogo says. we have met the enemy. no one remember who pogo is. he was a possum that lived in the swamp. that was a cartoon. >> okay. saw the blank stares from us? >> crickets. >> it was a well known comic back in the 60s and 70s. >> that conversation continues certainly of course online. meanwhile, another story a lot of people are talking about
9:05 am
is of course the attack on the red carpet by brad pitt. angelina jolie as they were on the red carpet for the hollywood premiere for her new movie malefice maleficent. he has done this in the past. he allegedly jumped the fence and charged pitt. these are photos as brad pitt was signing photographs, he was attacked. the man made contact with his face, sounds like he punched him. he was wrestled to the ground by security and arrested. brad pitt was unharmed. he and angelina stayed on and continued to greet fans. what a scary incident. you can just jump the barricade. the guy is charged with suspicion of battery, held on $20,000 bail.
9:06 am
he's done this in the past, america ferrara. he tried to be under her dress. he tried to kiss will smith. will smith smacked him. >> here's a guy who has a pattern of behavior. you think people would be on the lookout at red carpet events. >> we call him a prankster. he punched someone in the face. >> that's an attack. >> it's not like he's incognito. he had on bright, red pants. he's not trying to blend in. he's like hey, i'm here. >> this guy is a ukrainian tv personality. who is watching him and wants to see this? this is not a stunt. this is horrific. >> he's not a tv personality here. get him out of here. >> we were looking online for the video of the show he worked
9:07 am
for. it's like when people say she's a model. >> he never made it on tv. he probably uploaded to youtube. speaking of tv incidents, remember the character dressed up poured ashes on ryan saeacret at the 2012 oscars? >> he did not like that very much. >> that wasn't a sneak attack. >> he knew he was going to be there in character. >> there you go. a little chilly here in the northeast. so not exactly bathing suit weather. >> you're making a segway. >> the daughter of demi moor and bruce willis. that's not a tube top.
9:08 am
we had to bloik that out. scoutless willis on a stroll in manhattan. then posted the photos on twitter and instagram. what instagram won't let you see. #free the nipple. >> it's for a cause a lot of people have talked about. it's not just to show her -- >> this came after she posted instagram suspended her account after she posted a photo of a sweatshirt she designed showing two topless women. the rules are you can't post pornographic, sexually objective photos or other content by the was is. in response to willis's protest, she tells e news in the statement it's hard to find a balance between people expressing themselves creatively and keeping instagram a fun and safe place. once content is reported to us,
9:09 am
we review it and remove it if it violates our policies. >> the #free the nipples, has taken off. a lot of feminists and moms supporting this. >> it's not a pornographic -- >> nudity is natural. >> it's illegal for men and women to walk around new york city topless. willy and i do it on a daily basis. >> we wear the black tube top she wears. >> for the safety of children at home? >> it's our manx. >> you don't want to do. it is chilly. >> that's right. oh yes. >> aren't we mature enough we can watch a woman breast feed if she chooses? >> as a parent your only concern is -- instagram you're supposed to be 13 when you sign on to it.
9:10 am
a lot of kids my son's age are on it f. they come across it, follow scout, is it terrible? no. they've seen my goods. >> you mean your kids? let's go to a little bow around that. your children. >> my children. >> meanwhile, at school tomorrow, some boy is going to come up and say -- >> hey i saw your pictures. >> let's review. >> everybody, let's check out natalie's instagram account. >> #free the burger. brg the burgers in jerry. >> you heard about this? >> let's see how you hold your cheeseburger. japanese researchers spent four months in a lab to get to the bottom of the problem. the burger falls apart. thumbs and pinkies on the
9:11 am
bottom. >> your pinky up? >> thumb and pinky on top. >> you cage your burger. >> like that. >> three up top. >> no. >> okay -- what? >> fig you're that out. i'm going to go over here and do the weather. here we go. money shot. boom. >> guys -- >> i like rare. i can't get my hands -- >> glad i avoided that. >> oh my gosh. >> it's a char burger. >> there's been a beef recall guys. >> as long as i don't get sick, i like rare. >> we have raw chicken breasts for you back there too. why don't we try the pork? any way. we've got this upper level low spinning around. it has been bringing moisture just continually into the gulf
9:12 am
coast. so we're looking at heavy rain. new orleans today looking at rain right through the early part into the midpart of the afternoon. rainfall amounts are going to be -- talking anywhere from three to five inches of rain over the next 48 hours. it is going to be 9:12. good thing onshore flow returns later on this evening, because we have a rapid warm-up taking place out there. good morning to you, i'm meteorologist christine loren. we're already at 65 degrees in san francisco. 67, currently, in santa rosa. and it's only 9:12. as we head throughout the day today, these temperatures are going to be able to warm all the way until about 4:00, and then they'll drop off as we increase those low clouds. breezy through the coast and hills. mostly sunny for the first part of the day in san francisco. as a result, 5 to 8 degrees warmer and then those numbers crash tomorrow. enjoying those burgers? >> oh, i think i'm getting ill. >> we don't think it's meat -- >> it's meat, it's just not
9:13 am
cooked. hey, up next, 27, 45, 33, those are your winning powerball numbers. >> really? >> no, i'm kidding. we're going to tell you what the numbers mean when it comes to it starts with little things. tiny changes in the brain. little things, anyone can do. it steals your memories. your independence. insures support. a breakthrough. and sooner than you'd like... ...sooner than you think. die from alzheimer's disease. ...we cure alzheimer's disease. every little click, call, or donation adds up to something big. alzheimer's association. the brains behind saving yours.
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9:16 am
all right. so there's nothing we can do about getting older, but they are things to do to slow down the ages process and add quality to our lives. >> here to explain what that means, peter mark and professor of medicine at nyu medical center. good morning to you both. let's start first with muscle mass. peter, unfortunately, we're learning that the muscles start to go very early. very young. >> yeah, in your 30s, you're going to be losing muscle mass. >> at 27, they start to decline? >> yeah, what it means, we all need to start working out earlier in our lives. we lose 3% to 5% every decade. >> how do we slow this down? >> you want to do strength training exercise. women need to pay particular
9:17 am
attention, unfortunately, we have less muscle mass. taking in protein, whey protein is good to do after you build up to build up the muscles. in particular, women. >> as you age, isn't it important to keep up that muscle mass? >> absolutely, when you're in the nursing home, you're not going to be in the walker, you'll be playing touch football in the yard. >> and working out with weights for women i know is important. >> crow's feet around the eyes. >> i can relate to these. 30 and 35, this is an age where women and men notice crow's feet. these are tiny lines around the eyes caused by smiling. we're not going to stop smiling, but squinting as well. one of the things you can do are those wrap around sunglasses. every time we squint, we're getting the lines to appear. >> interestingly, men have less
9:18 am
risk for that and skin tones. >> let's move over to blurry vision. which i think sadly some of us in our 40s are starting to experience. >> 43. early 40s. you're going to start to hold those menus a little bit farther out. this is a normal part of ageing, it happens to almost everyone. what happens, the lens in your eye becomes harder or less focused. so you can't focus on nearby objects. you can start with the drugstore reading glasses. if it's getting more serious, speak to your ophthalmologist. >> shouldn't you just go for your general health? >> they have contact lenses one is for up close distance and then long distance. your brain doesn't have to do the adjusting.
9:19 am
>> how about age spots. >> we're talking sun damage here. as we age, our skin gets more susceptible to damage. you'll see it on your hands, particularly when you're driving, you're more exposed. on your face, hyperpigmentation. the u.v. radiation is causing pigmentation to the skin causing dark spots. it can be mistaking it for a skin cancer for an age spot. >> sunscreen is the key here? >> you can also get a cream with cogic acid in it and it's a by-product of sake. >> how about your hearing? >> what was that, al? >> your hearing. >> got it. >> yeah, unfortunately, a somewhat normal sequence of ageing that we will start to lose our hearing. for people listening on ipods,
9:20 am
you can really have to adjust that. air dryers. >> thank you so much. >> we appreciate it. hey, coming up, if you need a little help in the love department, you might want to check out the new nbc comedy "undateable." hello! i'm a kid. and us kids have an important message for our grown ups. three grams daily of beta-glucan... a soluable fiber from whole grain oat foods like cheerios can help lower cholesterol.
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9:24 am
v class. cadillac kts and honda genesis. >> a new study finds a strong risk between a woman's risk to melanoma and sun early in life. 80% higher risk of melanoma and a 60% risk of skin cancer. women who got their exposure later on in life were more likely to get other cancers. is too much cynicism bad for your brain? a study finds people who are more cynical are more likely to develop dementia. and it also finds that peaceful with high levels of cynicism are more likely to die sooner. it's arelationship between
9:25 am
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9:26 am
it's also irresistibly thick and creamy! didn't expect you to be enjoying yourself so soon! couldn't resist. try the new dannon oikos greek frozen yogurt. . a very good morning to you. it's 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. investigators in san francisco are looking at surveillance video to try to figure out how a man ended up pinned under a car early this morning. it happened at a gas station near 42th and geary in the outer richmond district. firefighters had to use a jack to rescue the man. he did suffer a serious head injury, but is expected to survive. the driver and passenger of the car are being questioned by police. students and staff will hold a candlelight vigil tonight in san jose to honor george chen, one of the young men killed in friday's attack near uc santa barbara. chen graduated from the school two years ago. the vigil starts at 8:30 p.m. bryan stow's civil suit against the l.a. dodgers and the
9:27 am
team's general owner was set to start today. stowe is accusing the team and former owner for not providing enough security and lighting at the game. stowe suffered brain damage and is permanently disabled. we'll have a look at weather and traffic right after this break. gridlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he became speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time.
9:28 am
for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller. welcome back, now the time is 9:28. i'm meteorologist christina loren. look at these temperatures, we're already at 67 degrees in mountain view and these numbers would soar, if it were not for a weak weather system that was going to come through throughout the day today. you can see our cameras starting to shake a little bit. we'll see breezy to windy conditions, but definitely slicing those wind speeds in half from yesterday. abundant afternoon sunshine today and rapid warming as a result. but then the low clouds will return between 5:00 and 7:00. 70 in san francisco, a warm day here. tomorrow, back to low 60s. let's check your drive.
9:29 am
here's mike. >> christina, we're looking over here. there's a little tremble to this oakland camera. it's only 13 stories up there, but still getting a little wind. we're lacking at a slower drive, starting to get a little bit better wind in their scales. northbound past the coliseum and downtown, westbound 580 easing a bit. so are all your avenues. almost your activity south of the dumbarton bridge, the northbound routes, easing up, 101, 280 and 85 all slow past 17 or 880, depending on the area that reflects the number. laura, back to you. >> thank you very much. and thank you for joining us. another local news update in half an hour. have a good morning.
9:30 am
♪ welcome back to "today." it's thursday morning, may 29th, 2014. i'm willie along with al, natalie and tamron. everybody holding up after the burger. >> don't bring it up. i just got over it. >> with water. >> it started yesterday. 281 from across the country, only 46 advance to the semis. some of the words not only tricky to spell but difficult to define. i'll spell out the words here. >> we don't have to spell them? >> you can try. >> malomatic.
9:31 am
anybody know it? >> skin tone? >> no. it induces a hypnotic transin a listener. >> hmm. >> bagellism. >> yes? >> francophone. >> that's where you call on a french phone. >> francophone? >> speaking of french -- >> okay. >> and finally penglassism. >> that's where you get caviar. >> naivingly optimistic. >> the finals tonight. the winner gets more than 33 grand in cash and prizes. >> and burgers. >> and they just have to spell it, right? >> not use that in a sentence.
9:32 am
>> al, what's going on outside? >> well, i feel there are penglossian. >> anyway, what's happening as far as your weather today. very chilly in new england. showers on the mid-atlantic coast. expect sunny skies. temperatures warm in texas. 69 in portland today. as we look ahead toward tomorrow, rain moves back into the northeast and new england. we've got showers in the central and lower gulf coast. rain into the plains, into the rockies. west coast fantastic. 9:32. good thursday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. take a look at this. just a spectacular day shaping up. this is from emeryville, overlooking san francisco. you can see for almost ten miles across the san francisco bay today, as temperatures are going to be very warm. you can count on that. lots of sunshine coming in early. 70 degrees in san francisco, 87
9:33 am
east bay. 84 degrees in the south bay for today. and then those numbers drop like a rock for tomorrow. your seven-day forecast in moments. and that's your latest weather. >> thank you. confident, attractive and real with the ladies. enough about you two. we're talking about chris d'elia from the new show "whitney." >> he plays danny burton, a single guy just trying to help his roommate score a date. take a look. >> justin, you need me. >> words cannot express how strongly i disagree with that statement. [ laughter ] >> i get it, change is hard, baby bird. i'm going to help you mend those broken wings. i'm going to be the father bird and feed you knowledge. >> you're insane? >> pew -- those are negative
9:34 am
thoughts. i'm going to ignore them and come in for the hug. [ laughter ] >> no hug. >> come on. >> ahh. >> good morning, chris. >> good morning. your character, danny, confident, charismatic, funny, all the things that natalie laid out there. do those things describe you as well? >> i'm acting. the one, attractive, i'll take that. >> you talked about how whitney was sort of whitney cummings project. her name is on the door. and the success or failure of that show is on her. now, this one is about you. is that a lot more pressure for you? >> when i did "whitney" it was when they had the billboards everywhere. she was in the front like this. then i was the guy in the back like this. that, to me, i'm like, okay, well, if this show fails, at least i'm just the dude that was peeking, you mow what i mean? but now, i'm the dude that's like -- i mean, i'm like that.
9:35 am
>> wow. that's a little scary. >> yeah. yeah. a little bit of a majestic quality. >> wow were, look at that, that's pretty impressive. >> that's like a -- >> thank you. i don't know what any of those words mean. the other guys are like this in the background. it's my fault. so if this fails, it's my fault. so watch it. >> these are stand-up guys that you've known, literally? >> yeah, we're friends. i've known them for years. we all got cast. my buddy brett was the other guy on the show used to open up for me but now he doesn't have to do that anymore. >> how much improv is happening on set? >> there's actually quite a bit. we shoot it once the way it's scripted. we have talented writers. when we get it they're like, just do what you want. literally, we do. it's pretty cool.
9:36 am
>> and they usually end up -- >> you're like, they're not going to use it. but yet, they use it. >> well, chris is, people know in the comedy world is a great stand-up. his act, we can't show. >> right. >> your biggest fan is bieber. >> really? >> justin bieber loves chris. i think we have video that tmz provided. he came up on stage with you. where does the bieber thing come from? >> he comes and sees me a bit at the laugh factory. the one time i was there, he and the owner -- jamie, the owner, a friend of mine, he's like, hey, buddy, bieber wants you to bring him on stage. i'm like, right. bieber was like, will you bring me on stage and just make fun of me. make fun of what i'm wearing, whatever you want. whatever helps me, man.
9:37 am
>> i'll take it. chris d'elia, thank you so much. you can catch the premiere of "undateable" tonight at 9:00 on nbc. if you need help getting severed nails out of your two medium cappuccinos! let's show 'em what a breakfast with whole grain fiber can do. one coffee with room, one large mocha latte, medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate hold the whip, two espressos. make one a double. she's full and focused. [ barista ] i have two cappuccinos, one coffee with room, one large mocha latte, a medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate hold the whip, and two espressos -- one with a double shot. heh, heh. that's not the coffee talkin'. [ female announcer ] start your day with kellogg's frosted mini wheats cereal. with whole wheat goodness on one side and a hint of sweetness on the other, it's a delicious way to get the nutrition you want.
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starting at 6 bucks. get america's largest and most dependable 4g lte networkslmart. for half the cost. and for a limited time, get a $25 gift card when you buy a samsung galaxy centura. straight talk wireless. only at walmart. all right. we got a big old repair job at
9:41 am
home and you think you're going to need a big old tools to get it done. maybe you have it. >> here with nontools to help you out the editor of hgtv. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> so we don't have tools. >> we're going to hang a picture. >> i'd love to hang this awesome picture of you two. >> oh, yeah, one of my favorite. wow. >> so, i hang it on the wall, i'm so proud of myself. it's a little crooked. >> what do we do? >> i need a level? >> i don't have a level. >> you know what i'm going to do? i'm going to grab this water bottle. >> what? >> i tilt it, i'm going to use it as my level. i'm going to put it here. i'm going to watch that the water is right even. can you see? >> yep. >> little bubbles in the middle. so it's pretty even, right? >> yeah. >> pretty straight. the water, even with the ridge.
9:42 am
i'm done. hanging a shelf, this would be very helpful. >> you want to motivate a husband to do it, give him a beer. >> ooh. >> put that on top. >> now, you're thinking. >> we just adapt. we must adapt. >> all right. i've been painting as you can see. i've got latex paint here and i'm a mess. i'm going to reach for my secret ingredient. willie, hand me my secret ingredient. baby oil. my secret ingredient for cleaning it up. i'm going to put a little on my hands. look at that. >> does that work on oil-based paint or just latex? >> just latex. oil-based paint is a whole other thing. >> it doesn't seem to be coming off? >> it is. watch. this is a big one. it moisturizes. >> there you go. >> okay. so you're working on a project, it's got a lot of screws and
9:43 am
nails, right? >> sure. >> you drop one. >> okay. >> it rolls underneath a big piece of furniture. you can't find it. >> i hate when that happens. >> what do you do? you reach for your magnet. tie it to a piece of string. and it's a fishing pole, right? say i dropped this through. i can't reach it, so i'm going to swing my magnet where it is. boom. true story. i dropped a screw underneath the washing machine. couldn't find it. and i could not use the washing machine. so i sent the magnet in. >> luckily, i had wylie kcoyote come back. the acme magnet. >> and the stripped screw, right? nothing is working, nothing's coming out. there are fancy tools to help you with the problem. >> but don't need that? >> no, i just need rubber bands. about a half-inch thick.
9:44 am
it's great. i'm just going to wrap it around my screwdriver like this. so, it's going to -- oops, my hand is slippery. >> from the baby oil. >> anyway, here it is, i'm wrapping it around like that, it's going to give me more grip. with the screw head, it's going to come right out. >> all you need is a rubber band. >> a thick rubber band. you got the nail in probably your walls. i don't want my hammer. i want my fork. stainless steel. you're going to get in between the tines there. this stays in my toolbox, right? i'm going to pry it out -- >> boom. >> yeah. sometimes, when i reach for a hammer, i put a dent in the wall trying to get the nail out. >> all right. oh! perfect. >> now, that's not how to do it. >> yeah. >> okay. so back to painting. let's say i have been painting.
9:45 am
i've got a wet paint brush. >> yeah. >> i've been painting for hours. but i'm a little tired. i want a lunch break. what am i going to do? i'm going to get my plastic baggy out of my toolbox. put it here. very careful not to get it on your suit. i'm going to seal it up with the handle like that. >> ah. >> yeah, it doesn't get messy. i can go take a break for an hour, hour and a half. come back it stays fresh. >> that's not overnight, though? >> not overnight. oil-based paint, don't do it. latex paint is the most common paint people are using. >> sarah, thank you very much. coming up next, do you need a gift for that graduation you're invited to?
9:46 am
honey bunches of oats! it's got grains, which i like. i like the little bunches of oats. what i like is actually the flakes. it's got crunch, which i love. mmm. it's really good. honey bunches of oats. yay!
9:47 am
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9:49 am
the summer season is just getting under way. you likely are starting to get invites for weddings, graduations and back yard events. >> here is the founder of the home decor site dwell studio and the executive producer of way fair. good morning. >> good morning. >> you're thinking outside the box. let's start with the backyard barbecue. >> let's do it. >> a lot of people going to barbecue parties this time of year. here's our lovely barbecue couple. >> what we've done is assembled thoughtful gifts. pulling things together. things for the barbecue sauce. a great barbecue rub you that love. and i love the picnic. it's all sauce. you put it on and grab something
9:50 am
red hot from the coals. >> what a great idea. >> stepping up from the cookout, going to a friend's house and you're staying the night or the weekend. what do you bring? >> well, i think the best kind of guests are the guests are the guests that come prepared to entertain. we have this lovely group of ladies here. and i have really beautiful lemonade container with fresh lemons, caster sugar which dissolves easily. make a fancy lemonade. hopefully, your guests will help you out and dot dish the dishes you. those are the best guests, the ones that help. >> graduation time. lots of grads out there. you think, what do i get for the grad when they really want money. >> okay. >> so this is a money tree. and it's actually a money tree. and you can identify that by the
9:51 am
beautiful braided trunk. >> pretty. >> you know what, if you're going to do this, you probably do this once, maybe twice, maybe three times if you're lucky. you want to give the grad something that will grow with them. it will grow. hopefully, you bring them good luck wish there. i want you to guess how much money is on this money tree. >> the winner guess? >> $55. >> i'm saying 39. >> higher. >> $100. >> $100 on this money tree. this lucky grad gets $100 plus a money tree plus cannot be a more statement gift. >> all right. >> congratulations. >> all right. >> this summer, with many new people moving into your neighborhood perhaps it is a moving season. what do you give people moving into the neighborhood? >> something that they'll actually use. here's a really cute galvanized
9:52 am
bucket full of amazing homeowner products. everything from a hammer and nails because you never have too many of those to do favorite projects. and take the things off the glasses before you wash them. everything that you need. cords, everything. >> that's great. >> that's fantastic. >> all right. thank you, guys. >> and lastly, the bride and the groom. you want to get the couple something that they'll use as well. >> i think for the bride and groom, something personalized. something really thoughtful. >> okay. >> so we have this beautiful, one of a kind personalized box. inside it is a bottle of wine or champagne, whatever you choose, that they can use on their first anniversary. >> that's so pretty. >> beautiful. >> enjoy it. >> you're going to give it to them, on your first anniversary. thank you. >> thank you so much. great ideas. >> thank you for having me. >> we'll be back in a moment to
9:53 am
"today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
lochello, my ladies. >> hello. >> we have got a big show. >> the artist is here katie is her name. do you know her? >> no. >> you will, if you watch my show which i know you never miss. >>
9:56 am
well, good morning, everyone. 9:56. i'm scott mcgrew. many people in the bay area and across the state are worried they may lose out on their next trip and a lot of money for that matter. all because of the san francisco company behind the processing of travel visa requests.
9:57 am
cox and king's global services started handing out visa applications for the indian consulate last week. yesterday, frustrated people lined up at the door for answers. more are there this morning. the company says the transition, not going smoothly, thanks to a new system and some computer problems. mountain view city leaders are talking about an ordinance to ban magazines holding more than ten bullets. according to the "mercury news," the city council asked mountain view to do some research on a similar ordinance passed in sunnyvale last year. let's get a check of your weather with christina this morning. >> happy thursday, scott. good morning to you at home. mostly clear conditions over the south bay. just a few, high, wispy clouds. cirrus clouds kprooicomprised o crystals. lots of sunshine coming your way and warm temperatures as a result. east bay's at 87 degrees. today will be the warmest, we're going to steadily drop off
9:58 am
starting tomorrow. temperatures crash to 75 degrees, down from the mid-80s today. overall, looking pretty good, mike. >> first of all, i like that 75. we'll take that. meanwhile, over here, going about 65, the speed limit through san jose, your bay area freeway, in fact. we're getting a look at the bay, we see slow drive developing around 101 and 87. there we go, back at the bottom of your screen, coming up towards mountain view, another crash around the airport and that's causing things to slow down a bit. 101 and 880 still slow, typical routes heading south on the dumbarton bridge. and look at 580 as you come towards that dublin interchange. back to you. >> fair enough. thank you much. we'll have another local news update in a half hour.
9:59 am
gridlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he became speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for contro, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller.
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> okay. hey, everybody. it is thirsty thursday. ve happy to have you here on may 29th. my brother's birthday. wishing him a happy one. >> happy birthday to him. also from madmen, actor harry hamlin is here. >> he's causing quite a ruckus over there. >> that's what he does. >> lea thompson, lovely lady. >> and elvis durant, katie tiz, the artist of the month. elvis hits the jackpot time and time again.
10:01 am
"people" magazine -- >> country's sexiest men. >> "people country" has its own magazine. >> luke bryant stole the top spot from the clutches of another man. blake shelton. tim mcgraw. a lot of very, very sexy country guys. there is something about all of these guys, look at blake, look at all of them. >> they're men. they're real men. >> even the boys look like men. kenney chesney, brett eldrege, they're even in there and remember the swan brothers, the two kids from "the voice." remember, like, what happened? >> swan. >> there they are. >> this is great news. not good news, it's great news. >> awesome news. >> so we told you the story of frosty the little baby goat. remember we showed you a picture of frosty. he was in a walker. he was in a walker and he was
10:02 am
actually going -- walking around with wheels, remember? >> had a little cart. >> a little cart. >> he wasn't fighting the infection. >> he couldn't figure out how to walk. >> and then he learned. the sweetest little thing. and they said if he got off those legs, it would give the medicine he was on the time to really help and kick in and fight that infection. >> well, guess what? >> guess what? >> frosty can walk. look. and he can -- >> look how cute he is. >> he's smiling. >> there is no video. just smiling -- >> he's almost as cute as prince george. the two of them, it is hard to make a choice. anyway, nice when -- >> congratulations. >> yes. >> so brad pitt, this was a weird thing, brad pitt was on the red carpet of his girlfriend tv. >> fiancee. >> i almost want to say wife, angelina's premiere. >> his fiancee. the kids were all there. there they were walking the red carpet, even maddox, he posed
10:03 am
solo for pictures. out of nowhere, it seems, a member of the paparazzi, whoever he was, a guy, jumps over the barricade, goes up to brad pitt and reportedly hit him in the face. >> that's called assault. >> it is funny, 25-year-old guy from -- ukrainian, they call him a prankster, there he is. he's done a lot of things we have seen. he's the guy that allegedly crawled on the ground and shot up the skirt of america ferrera. >> and also tried to kiss will smith. >> i think there is the america ferrera moment. if you remember a while back, will smith was doing an interview with this guy and, look, he tried to kiss him. he pushed him away. what are you doing? wasn't much of a -- >> that might be a little assault too. >> guy is climbing all over him. >> but he's fine. >> here is the question for
10:04 am
everybody to just kind of bring -- when something happens in front of your children, how do you react? what do you do? all the kids were with angelina and brad. >> first time they were on the red carpet together. several of the kids make a cameo in the movie. that little vivian, she plays auro aurora, little princess aurora. she's got that face, oh, my gosh. >> what happened was this guy, allegedly, slapped brad in front of those kids and the question i was wondering is how did he react? your initial reaction without thinking is to, i would imagine, either strike back the guy or do something. >> or make sure he doesn't take on the children. >> so what do you do when your kids are present? when you're in a sticky situation and your kids are there, how do you react? it sounded like he kept working the rope line. he went on with his business. >> they're pros. they have been out there a long, long, long time.
10:05 am
obviously he wasn't -- my hair is really bad today. >> no, it isn't. it looks good. >> enough about brad pitt. let's talk about my hair. anyway -- >> it looks fine. >> so he -- he didn't get hurt bakaly enough and didn't need medical care. and the security came fast enough to take care of the problem. if he started to go after angelina or the children, i think brad pitt would have been in full bear mode. father bear mode. but, you know, you learn that, you know, stuff happens. all kinds of weird things happen through the years. what i want to know is why isn't that guy in jail after two other assaults? why aren't they on the lookout for a guy like that? >> when he was kissing will, i don't know whether you call that assault. >> it is unwelcome attention. >> advances. and the thing about crawling under america ferrera's, like -- >> who lets him get that close. >> and how is he maneuvering his way into that situation? gross. anyway, he -- he was arrested in this case and held on battery or
10:06 am
on suspected battery, suspicion of battery. >> i've been told, not that i know, but people learn all kinds of good lessons when they're sent to prison. enough said. use your imagination. >> okay. here's the question. dog people versus cat people. think about what you are for a second. dog or cat. carol university found a distinct personality trait that differs between the two. dog lovers are lively, energetic, outgoing and are rule followers. cat lovers are introverted, but more often open minded, sensitive and tend to be nonconformists. i believe that dog lovers are a little meatier -- >> emotionally. >> than cat lovers. because the cat is minding his own business. >> i think it is the dogs that are more needy. they give more affection. >> oh. >> i like cats from afar but you can't cuddle a cat.
10:07 am
it doesn't want to be cuddled or if you're allergic, in my case. a lot of people are allergic to cats and allergic to dogs as well. you got to get -- >> guess who is more intelligent? cat lovers or dog lovers? >> or people that are smart enough to realize they're allergic? >> the answer is the smarter of the two are cat lovers. they scored higher in overall intelligence. whatever. >> speaking of kittens, we have a photographer named wendy robins who takes pictures of kittens dressed as iconic movie characters. we haven't seen these yet. >> dorothy from "the wizard of oz." that's cute. princess leia from "star wars." oh, my gosh. >> hamburger buns. >> and gandolf from "lord of the rings." >> darling. >> okay. >> try this new peanut stuff today. >> these are reese's peanut buttercups in oreos. going to be available on june 9th in stores. i'm going to wait to eat that for a second. nothing gets in your teeth like
10:08 am
oreos. >> that's true. >> why don't we say hello to a friend of mine who was in our audience today. ann nielsen from -- she's from charlotte, north carolina. >> wave, ann. >> she's here with several friends from charlotte. ann is the one i told you about who is the magnificent artist who does the angel paintings i just, just love. tonight we are -- she has a gallery in charlotte called ann nielsen fine art. if you want -- look at this painting. this she's giving us today. tonight, guess what's going to be at my house? kenny logons. kenny logons -- >> he's singing at your house. >> he's coming to spend the night with me, not with me, but at our house with his girlfriend and frank. anyway -- >> okay. >> tomorrow night, the big dart concert that kenny will be headlining. so we're going to -- we're going to -- >> we'll talk about it on monday. >> i want to hear about it. i want to tell you about an event i went to last night, simon and shuster celebrated 90
10:09 am
years. a bunch of authorize came out. it was fun the mary higgins clark was there. look at michael strahan. >> he has one coming out. >> yes, he does. >> long day for miss hoda. >> anjelica houston was there. everybody had a lot of books. congrats to everybody and jonathan carp, the publisher. we have to do ihoda and this is why. do you see the man on the cover? when i pick them, i pick them. guess what my ihoda was, not even knowing this would be on the cover. it is the new luke bryant song. play it again. ♪ jumped up and cut me off ♪ ♪ she was like oh, my god this is my song ♪ ♪ i've been listening to the radio all night long ♪ ♪ and here it is she was like oh i want to dance ♪
10:10 am
♪ she's taking my hand >> it is a good song. but i thought we already did this one. ♪ she gave me a kiss she said play it again play it again ♪ >> come on. she's from charlotte, north carolina. ♪ play it again, play it again >> wasn't that the one that was going to be one of the big songs of the summer. >> which i predicted. >> which you used last week, hoda. that's all i'm saying. >> i predicted. >> okay or not okay to lecture poor justin bieber? here's what we had to say about it. >> okay. >> i think everyone is seriously concerned that he's wasting a really blessed life, but no one likes to be lectured. >> you know what i say about that? sure it's okay. everybody's entitled to their opinion. it is up to him whether or not he wants to listen. so there. >> all right. >> okay. >> so we give a shoutout, we want to celebrate an amazing
10:11 am
woman in your life. if you know someone who is gentle yet powerful, who deserves to be honored, go to our website and tell us all about her, she could win a trip to come see us and still go to for all the details. and we also want you to cook with us. is it tim love? what happened to chef -- >> tim love will be here next week and choose the dish he'll be cooking. go to the website, hit the connect button. we want you to decide what he's going to cook. is that all the business we have? >> yes. >> now tell me what you think. >> two women on our plaza celebrating graduation, but they got the surprise of the week, they will get an "ambush makeover." and we're mad about this guy, the very handsome harry hamlin is with us again. he's got the glasses on. a story about that. and we'll talk to him right
10:12 am
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10:14 am
10:15 am
if you're a fan of "madmen," you have to wait until next season for the final episode. >> harry hamlin is one part of the ensemble cast. he received an emmy nomination for playing jim cutler, a performance which one critic called nothing short of outstanding. hello. >> and he's not impressed by the dashing don draper at all played by jon hamm. take a look. >> your agency was involved.
10:16 am
always so intimidated. what was that man up to? such a cloud of mystery. now that i've been backstage, i'm deeply unimpressed, don. you're just a bully and a drunk. >> finally, somebody tells it like it is. >> yes. he got no lines. we love it. >> i got so much hate mail for that. >> did you? >> yeah. people love don draper, he's beloved. >> he is. >> i told the truth. i did. the guy is a drunk and a bully. so -- but people do not like that. >> did they not realize you were an actor reading somebody's lines, acting? it is a script. >> some people don't get that. but that's okay. i'm actually -- >> it is a compliment. >> were you a fan of the show before you joined it? >> of course i was. i saw it from day one. there was a break in there for 18 months when i kind of stepped back a little bit, but then i went back to it and, you know, it is one of those shows you can binge right through from
10:17 am
beginning to the end now. now you're able to do that. >> your character -- how did your character come to be in the show? >> i was asked to do one day on the show. i had met the producer and i went in to read for another character, not this character. and i was wearing my glasses which i can't really see that well anymore. >> the lighting was really bad when you were trying to learn it. >> the lighting was -- you only get the script a day in advance, you know, i went in and i met matt winer and i had to pull these glasses out which are my glasses and i had to put them on to read the script and he saw the glasses and he -- i guess he had that moment, that idea that i would end up playing this guy who ran the agency and i would wear these glasses. >> they are kind of retro. >> they are. lisa got these for me. now i can see. you guys are beautiful. >> you and lisa are tearing it up on andy cohen last night, we heard. what happened? >> i can't say on this kind of
10:18 am
television. no, it is too scandalous. >> you can't say anything that happens in the next season, right? because you're sworn to secrecy. >> if i told you anything about what goes on in that season, before i got outside the door i would be killed. they got people all around the world. >> is it going to be surprising? are people dwogoing to be shock by what happens? >> i think people are always surprised by the show. no one will be disappointed. >> why are you with us? >> i have a project i'm starting soon that is shooting in vancouver. but i have a movie called "the erotic fire of the unattainable." it is not x rated. it sounds like it. it could be good, as far as that goes, but it is a beautiful film about a woman trying to find herself in her art. and it is a gorgeous film. so i would check that out when it comes out. >> since you have the glasses, we're going to play a little game with you. >> oh, no. i'm terrible at games. >> look at the picture and tell us who you think is wearing the glasses. okay, here is the first one.
10:19 am
>> woody allen. >> yes. perfect. got one. all right. here's the next one. >> you know, that could be anybody. it could be don't know. >> tina fey. >> okay. >> all right, and here's one that you know. >> harry potter. got that one. >> daniel radcliffe, but -- >> you said you weren't good at games and you won. >> two out of three. >> no parting gifts, but thanks for coming. >> thank you. >> all righty. it is webtastic. a divine dinner that left some tongz a tongues and tails wagging. >> the sweetest, sweetest. and two ladies get ready to face the mirror. don't miss their reactions when we reveal their "ambush makeovers." [ brian ] in a race, it's about getting to the finish line. in life, it's how you get there that matters most. it's important to know the difference.
10:20 am
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10:23 am
oh, my god. there is a lone sign left abandoned. it is time for webtastic when we dig the next adorable video that will have you hitting send all day. >> a friend of mine, neil sedakis' beautiful wife sent it to me. a woman in taiwan finlmed her dogs bowing their heads for grace before dinner. watch this.
10:24 am
>> amen. >> oh! >> okay. >> it is just the cutest -- >> i can't. i just saw it. it was amazing. >> not finished. >> not finished? the dogs have done this before, by the way. >> yes. she shot this just for fun. >> the poodle has its own facebook page with 55,000 likes. >> they pick up their -- >> oh, my god. >> they bring them back to her when they finish. >> does bambino do that? bambino gets fed by hand. >> of course he does. >> such a diva. >> oh, my god. that was genius, guys. i love it. >> how sweet is that? >> i love it. >> lea thompson is here. >> we're ready to reveal our "ambush makeovers." >> she's a breakout british singer on the verge of superstardom. elvis durant with his artist of
10:25 am
the month. katie kiz will sing for us. ugh. heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. with crest 3d white luxe toothpaste. only crest 3d white has whitelock technology. it removes stains within the microfine lines of your teeth...
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10:27 am
in the outer richmond. firefighters had to use a jack to rescue the man. he suffered a serious injury. that's actually the driver being carted away there. the driver and the passenger are being questioned by police. bryan stow's civil suit against the los angeles dodgers and the team's former owner is set to start today. stowe was beaten nearly to death outside dodger's stadium nearly three years ago. stow is accusing the team and owner frank mccourt of not providing enough security at the game. stow suffered brain damage and is permanently disabled. we'll have a lack at weather and traffic coming up after the break. isn't it time to put the old politics aside? the chronicle endorses ro khanna, saying he "offers an upgrade in congress for silicon valley." and the mercury news says, "ro khanna is ready for the congress of tomorrow... ...while honda is a politician of the past." for our future: ro khanna.
10:28 am
khanna: i'm ro khanna and i approve this message.
10:29 am
welcome back. now, temperatures today are going to be warm, crystal clear sky over san francisco. do have a little haze out there in the south bay and throughout your east bay valleys as well. temperatures are going to be warm today, mid-80s for you in san jose. 87 for the east bay, and 70 degrees, last day of the sunshine and the 70s in san francisco. things really change tomorrow. peak warmth today, temperatures fall by 5 to 10 degrees tomorrow. we'll see a nice comfortable weekend and a summery feel next week. temperatures shoot right up. we will take you there that warming trend today at 11:00. right the now let's check your drive. here's mike. >> oakland has a nice, smooth, light feel right now. back to the coliseum, we're watching 12:35 we have the a's playing so midday traffic in this area. we don't see a lot of slowing for that portion to or from the bay bridge. on the peninsula, south of the dumbarton bridge, 101 sorts
10:30 am
itself out. scott, back to you. >> all right. more news and the big, big newscast at 11:00. see you then. thursday. >> ready to reveal our "ambush makeovers" for two lucky ladies whisked off the plaza and into the makeup room for a brand-new look. >> guess who did the whisking? "today" contributor and stylist to the stars, louis licari. and "today" contributor and contributing editor for "people style watch" and author jill martin. >> hello. >> how was it today? >> pretty day finally. we scored. we scored. we had fun. a great day. two great makeovers. >> first lucky lady is maureen, 51 years old from downington, pennsylvania. she prefers focusing her time and attention on her son rather than herself. we decided to take care of her for a change.
10:31 am
let's take a listen. >> well, maureen, you didn't come here for this. but when we surprised you, you did say yes. so why did you say yes? >> i said yes because i've been really working hard, i worked my whole life, my son just graduated from college and he's here with me, we're on a mother/son trip and i haven't really pampered myself at all and the offer is too good to be true. >> i love it. you told me that chris, your son, is sleeping in the hotel, so get up! we have a surprise for you! >> thank you. >> chris is up, all right. jostled from his bed. chris, keep your blindfold on for a couple of seconds. here is maureen before. all right. let's see the new you. come on out. >> love that haircut. >> oh, my gosh. >> all right, are you ready, chris? look at your mama. >> oh, yeah. wow. you look great. >> mom, you ready?
10:32 am
>> turn right around. >> wow! >> you look awesome. >> isn't that fantastic? >> look at our camera as well. thank you. >> oh, my god. >> isn't that amazing? >> like lisa rinna. >> this is a -- as you called it out, this is the perfect modern update for fine hair. what i did is i made her hair color deeper, so it helps her skin tone, the whole trick. it makes your skin look beautiful. >> chris, can you believe what you're looking at? >> that's the best she's ever looked. i mean that in a good way. >> in a good way. >> that dress is perfect. perfect for her. >> maggie london and then -- the jewelry is from kohl's, under $25. great ring.
10:33 am
>> that is adorable. i love yellow and gray like that. >> big round of applause. wow. >> good job. >> you look great. aw. i wish my son loved me. our second lady is elizabeth, 52 from mineola, new york. she had the same look for as long as they can remember. she was thrilled for an opportunity to get a brand-new look. let's listen. >> well, we surprised your cousin with this. lauren and rachel, i know you're psyched. >> we're so excited. she's always looked -- i've always known her to look the same and she always wears two different shoes. so maybe that will change just for today. >> footwear needs a makeover. let me see. why do you wear two different shoes? >> it is just a little something different, you know, you can take them off when you don't want them, unlike a tattoo or something like that. and this brand comes, you know, in twins, so, you know, i can even have dress shoes that are two different shoes. >> i may not stick with that trademark today. are you okay with that? i will make you look fabulous.
10:34 am
>> i'm okay with wearing shoes that match. i can handle that. >> all righty. she's here with her cousins lauren and rachel. let's take one last look at elizabeth before. and let's see what she probably looks like today, miss elizabeth. >> oh, yeah. >> all right. you okay? take off your blindfold. >> you're going to love it, elizabeth. turn around and look. >> are you all right? >> what happened? what did you do? >> i cut the hair. look at that. changed the shape of her farce,
10:35 am
made her hair brown. >> you look fantastic. >> and the dress -- >> she's amazing. little black dress from maggie london, didn't have one. and now statement jewelry from kohl's. >> and two beautiful black shoes. >> yeah. >> let's bring out maureen. these are awesome. >> wow, wow, wow. >> lea thompson on her feel good movie of the summer. >> and the song you'll want to movie of the summer. >> and the song you'll want to download for your meven when we needed bstuff for the home. i was a negative nancy. but thanks to now we can shop with low monthly payments. and they've got over 50,000 choices from brands like samsung, kitchenaid, xbox. two words: mini-donut maker. ah, that's three words. just click on over to for the credit you deserve to get all kinds of great stuff. oh! i hope that's our new espresso machine. and that hot delivery guy.
10:36 am
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10:39 am
the app makes it easy. the power of angie's list makes it work. download snapfix for free. it is time for elvis durant's artist of the month when he introduces us to the next big thing in music. >> this time it is the hot young singer songwriter from the uk, katy tiz. on the verge artist by iheart radio. >> her single "the big bang" is
10:40 am
climbing up the charts and she'll sing some of it for us. >> you can tell by looking at katy, she has no energy, no personality whatsoever. >> i know. >> i'm so excited to be here. >> what is it about her? >> her energy. even if she came in and sang awful notes, you would love her. she has energy. she's got the package. she's beautiful. and her music is fantastic. >> thank you. >> and she's shooting her new video here in new york. >> tomorrow. >> you're kidding? >> you should come. >> we could be extras? >> you need a post menopausal woman in yours, i know. hoda is not quite there yet, but yeah. who fits that bill more than i do. >> she's about to perform "the big bang". >> let's hear it. >> you'll love it. wait until you hear it. are you ready? >> thank you for having me. >> "the big bang." >> thank you. ♪ i don't wanna lie
10:41 am
i'm gonna take what you're giving ♪ ♪ cause i know you're willing to take me all the way ♪ ♪ you got me right here impossible ♪ ♪ and i can't wait to finally explode ♪ ♪ the big, big bang the reason i'm alive ♪ ♪ when all the stars collide in this universie inside ♪ ♪ the big, big bang ♪ the big, big bang the big, big bang ♪ ♪ some people like to talk but i'm into doing ♪ ♪ what i feel like doing when i'm inspired to ♪ ♪ if we take a walk down the beach tonight ♪ ♪ i bet that we could light up the sky ♪ ♪ the big, big bang
10:42 am
the reason i'm alive ♪ ♪ when all the stars collide in this universe inside ♪ ♪ the big, big bang ♪ the big, big bang the big, big bang ♪ ♪ take it for me i don't wanna be mummified ♪ ♪ sometimes i feel so isolated ♪ ♪ i wanna die ♪ the big, big bang the reason i'm alive ♪ ♪ when all the stars collide in this universe inside ♪ ♪ the big, big bang ♪ the big, big bang the big, big bang ♪ >> katy tiz. >> yes, yes, yes! >> i love songs about scientific
10:43 am
theory. >> you are awesome. such fun. when did you go on tour? >> i would have done it yesterday, but apparently we have to plan things out. >> atlantic records, very smart, picking her up. >> we're excited for you. >> tips that come in handy before you take that family camping trip. >> and back in time, lea thompson will fill us in after this.
10:44 am
what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... oh yeah, and frosted! what's your most favorite of all? hmm...the kind i have with you. me too.
10:45 am
teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he became speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller.
10:46 am
back in the '80s and '90s, you couldn't watch tv or watch a movie without seeing lea thompson. >> who can forget her in "the back to the future" trilogy and in the 1990s sitcom "caroline in the city". >> now she's in a new coming of
10:47 am
age film called "ping-pong summer". >> how are you? you look fantastic. >> you guys are very beautiful. >> going back to the future with you now, you look exactly like the first time i intervied you 30 years ago. >> get it out of the way. >> i don't smoke or drink. i know. >> smoking is so bad for you. >> "ping-pong summer," this takes you back to the '80s, right. >> yeah, it is a really fun movie. it is -- i've been playing mothers in the '80s for 30 years now, but this is a fun movie. it is so square, it's hip. it went to sundance and south by southwest and it is a really sweet coming of age comedy about ping-pong. >> and that's why susan sarandon is in it too, right? >> absolutely. i was so thrilled to work with her. >> the boy is adorable, such a nerd and he loves hip-hop and wants to be good at ping-pong, right? >> yeah. it is really funny.
10:48 am
when i read the script, i was, like, wow, i saw it at sundance, the audience really laughed. >> yeah. >> it is kind of, like, a throwback movie. >> yeah. >> which can either be be soul fulfilling or so not working. >> yeah. >> very fine line to walk. >> yeah. and this one is just really hysterical. and the wonderful thing about the independent movies is it is really the director's vision. >> exactly. >> it is exactly what he meant to make. >> you also have a day job? >> yes, i'm on "switched at birth "and having our season premiere on june 16th. i had to learn sign language for that. that's why i called you beautiful. this is beautiful. this is handsome. >> and tell us about your kids. >> 23 and 19? >> yeah. they're both actresses. and singers and actresses and on my birthday, which is saturday, we're all going to sing together for a breast cancer event to raise money. >> awesome. what are you going to sing?
10:49 am
>> we're going to sing "i believe" from the book of mormon. wear the little suits with the little -- >> you mind if we play a game with you? >> sure, sure. >> we're going to quote lines from your movies or tv shows. you have to remember. >> i don't remember anything. >> i'd rather be with someone for the wrong reasons than alone for the right. >> "some kind of wonderful" where i met my husband. >> and for my next trick, i'm going to make my boyfriend disappear. i say the magic words, opera. >> "caroline in the city." >> yes. >> i'm almost 18 years old. not like i never parked before. >> that is "back to the future". >> yes. >> do gi get a prize? >> yes, you do. the prize is -- no. >> you don't drink. >> for you guys, i would. >> all right. great movie "ping-pong summer"
10:50 am
hits the theaters june 6th. >> on video in demand too at the same time. >> that's smart, by the way, the way they do it now. thanks, lea, thanks so much. the adrenaline junkie who knows no limits. >> eric young teaches us a thing or two and hooks us up with summer survival tips. >> but first this is "today" on nbc.
10:51 am
first, mike honda stubbornly refused all debates. now honda's slinging mud, launching false attacks. isn't it time to put the old politics aside? the chronicle endorses ro khanna, saying he "offers an upgrade in congress for silicon valley." and the mercury news says, "ro khanna is ready for the congress of tomorrow... ...while honda is a politician of the past." for our future: ro khanna.
10:52 am
khanna: i'm ro khanna and i approve this message.
10:53 am
if you're looking for a real rush of adrenaline, check out animal planet's "no limits" where world heavy weight champ eric young takes you to the edge and back of the great outdoors. >> his motto is no boundaries and no fear. he's here to share some of his survival tips that will come in handy for your next outdoor adventure. >> yes. >> nice belt, by the way. >> yes. >> i just found this, actually. tna heavyweight championship, i won it a month back and it is heavy. >> how heavy is it? >> you ready?
10:54 am
>> is it? ohhi is it really? >> 20, 25 pounds. >> you're going to give us some survival tips. a lot of people are spending time outdoors. let's talk with the fish hook. some people go fishing. >> a lot of people go fishing. >> and it gets stuck, in you. >> this is your hand, your hand looks like this, you have problems already. we don't need to talk about that, though. in my experience, the fish hook will go in, get stuck in and the barb gets hooked. we pulled it out on the show, i use a piece of fishing line, i got pliers, carry these around too. line the barb up so it comes straight out, straight out of the -- through the skin and pull right out. >> oh. >> like that. if it sounds like that, it is probably not good. >> too far in, just go to the doctor. >> probably best not to have me do it. go to a doctor. >> i feel good having you around at times like that. >> how do you go from wrestling to this kind of stuff?
10:55 am
>> animal planet contacted me about doing off the hook extreme catches, the fishing show and i did that and went all over north america, puerto rico, doing all this crazy stuff. sharks on the paddle board and free diving under the ice and all kinds of -- >> did you love all of it? or did some it creep you out? >> the one i didn't want to do was hand fishing for catfish. it is really fun, actually. >> tell me about tarantulas and spiders. you get bitten by one, what should you do? >> live. live, that's the most important. i learned something interesting about -- they're not aggressive. the only time you really -- they bite you, you step on them or they're in your shoe. you use quills, like tiny little hairs from their butt, basically and flick them and go in your eyes. >> i hate it when that happens. >> terrible. the worst defense ever. >> what do you do? >> don't step on them. that's my best advice. yeah. they don't want to bite you. they're not interested. >> if you see it, flee it. >> best to stay away. >> what about snakes?
10:56 am
how do you know the bad ones from the good ones? >> this is a good one because it is not real. this is the best kind. i'm not afraid of snakes, but i don't enjoy them. >> yeah. >> there it is. >> so you -- what do you do? just dragging it? okay. >> the most important thing to hold it by the tail and don't let go. that's what's most important. >> what if it bites to you. >> now, this guy -- the guy i'm on the show with is an expert. he said if they bite you, they have backwards teeth that go in, first instinct, i'm like, i'll pull it out. >> don't do that. >> leave it in. >> i probably would do it anyway. >> want to give -- thank you so much. really great. we want to give a quick shoutout to a friend of ours, carly siegel -- >> she doesn't want to be on air. >> we love her, one of our producers here at the "today" show. today is her last day with us, moving on to better things. she's in the kitchen but she's
10:57 am
hiding. >> yes. >> come on, carly. >> we want to let her know we love her. >> we love her so, so much. >> thank you very much. >> no limits premieres tomorrow night on animal planet. >> tomorrow is a great reunion story that will warm your heart. >> you're going to love it. >> and bobbie is buzzing with fun accessories. i see carly. >> have
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
well, good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm peggy bunker. new details on a growing problem involving a san francisco company that has used travel visas to india. hundreds of people are frustrated because of a major delay in getting those travel documents. nbc bay area's christie smith is live at the indian consulate in san francisco. christie, the consulate is taking a pretty unusual step to diffuse this problem. >> yeah, they are. they've opened their doors to let people in. there are still long lines and some confusion about exactly where people should be, because there are two locations now. but here at the consulate in san francisco, we've seen a few people come out with really big smiles,


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